Running out of room in my tent

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  1. Helllo all,

    I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on what to do for my situation. I live in small apartment with a 2x3 in my closet. My plant has became too large for my tent before starting to bud. I don’t have any options to move plant. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  2. is that 1 plant ? is it an auto or photo if its a photo flip ASAP
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  3. Prune it and flip
  4. a 2x3 tent for me is borderline a 4x4ft tent is much better offers the room you need, no space for a sardine,

    simply clone, take as many cuts as you dare, remember as you are new to this not many will succeed,
    those that do will be most precious to you later,
    and you will have completed yet another hurdle in weed education

    good luck
  5. You can always get a felxible trellis net (or fabricate one with some string or twine) secure it to the tent poles to keep it from moving (duct tape if all else fails) and just try to trim and tuck to keep it low.

    They will still overgrow the trellis, and you may have to prune even some smaller bud sites away if it gets too crowded, but I can still "usually" keep things under 4ft tall. the net, the shears, and training / topping are your friends if you have no other options to move the plant. Best of luck mate, its doable. (these are 2 GG4 photos at pre flower, and current which is about 14 weeks)

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