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Discussion in 'General' started by guarrana, May 21, 2006.

  1. Its saturday night and I just smoked a couple of js with the usuals. Turns out I'm runnin low, very low on weed. I'm high right now, don't think I'll be smokin again tonight. It also turns out I'm most probably not going to be able to get anymore weed till next monday. I have enough to roll one j. I'm thinkin I'm gonna save it till thursday, thats the day classes end, so we're going to celebrate. What should I do till thursday, and then after that till monday? I need to be distracted so I don't get tempted to roll the j early. I'm gonna be dry till thursday and then dry till monday, I almost smoke a every day, so It's going to be a little rocky. What should I do to help me not think about it, to help time pass till those.

    help me rhonda :poke:
  2. get a bowl man. one j usually is at least three bowls.

    and tolerance breaks arent bad either.
  3. ya smoke a bowl

    also chill with your friends if you smoke them out dont they owe you ???

    1 more post till 420 lol

    i gotta make it a good one im pretty drunk so ill celebrate by smokin a j hah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. definately blaze it in a bowl, shit, homemade if you have to. and like yellow said, your friends should help you in your time of need. :)
  5. I got a bubbler and pipe, just prefer joints. But yeah I'm gonna smoke in bowl, though I'd say I only have enough for 3 bowls at max. My friends are gonna help me after thursday, we all got finals, so I'm on my own till it's all over by Thursday. But till thursday, I got 2 bowls, maybe 3 bowls. Got to save one for Thursday. I'm guessin I'll smoke tomorrow, and judge how much I have from their, if I have maybe 2 more bowls left, i'll smoke it tuesday, so I can skip wednesday to detox a bit, for the big high thursday, which will be lot more than just my bud, i'll just be pitchin in.

    I haven't smoked today, don't plan to tonight. I was fine all day, didn't even think about it. Up to about 20 minutes ago I was fine, but now it's beginning to get a little rockyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...................................

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