Running in the cold

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  1. Now that it's starting to get colder what are y'all's opinion about running in the cold? I love running on the track more than a treadmill but for me I just don't like running in the cold so it looks like ima be on the treadmill this winter
  2. I hate the cold, but I'm pretty unaffected by it. Still rockin shorts.

    but If I run, it's outside. Cuz I don't have a (working) treadmill anymore.
  3. When I was 18 I used to run in the winter for about 30-45 minutes without a shirt. Snow or not, but that was because I had dreams of joining the military and going spec-ops. But I decided to go to college, don't do that shit anymore lol.

    But after getting warmed up and running for a few minutes it feels alright.

  4. Haha that's crazy, I wanna join the military after I graduate so I guess I better get used to running in the cold, no way I could do spec ops tho haha
  5. The first few minutes suck, then I don't notice the cold after that. My willy gets chilly though.
  6. Well i love running in the cold. Running is one of the good, exercise which not only helps the people in getting fitness, but also useful from fitness. It is quite sure that this exercise increase your stamina that is why some people, like running. I normally like running because it increases circulation of blood in body rapidly and reduces calories thus results in weight loss, and makes slim.
  7. In Canada at this time of the year its fucking impossible, you will die.
    although during fall/summer when it was cold as fuck and windy when id have trouble sleeping id just go for a jog, so relaxing.
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    Hi all
    Running and swimming these two exercise are helpful for lose weight and get healthy fitness also so my suggestion is that do running at regular basis.

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  9. Personally, I enjoy running in the cold. As long as I have my cold weather gear on, I find it rather enjoyable. Now that is namely b/c I have my running thermal pants on, thermal shirt, windproof jacket, gloves, and a full on face mask ... as well as cramp-ons if it's ice-y...but yea, once you get moving, it not bad. And if anything, I enjoy it even more b/c no one else it out there...just you, the wind, the road, and your thoughts. Pretty banging...

    Then again, prob bc of my background I am just inclined to dig the chill zone.
  10. I'm not a fan of it, I'll only do it when I have to.
  11. As long as it is above 25 I am all right with it.

    Not my preferred method but not the end of the world.

    I just have spandex leggings, skiing spandex(top), waffle long sleeve, tight beanie, gloves, fall running top.

    Sucks initially but once you get going the cold air feels great.
  12. I have been running, its really cold but with some ear protection and gloves I have been doing easy 5k's each night.

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