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  1. So I was browsing the forums and I noticed a lot of people enjoy working out while high. I can understand weightlifting... But is there a lot of people that enjoy running while high?

    I got high today and was going to run... But I just don't think I can make mysef run because I'm so high. Iv played basketball while high before, I sucked...

    I'm thinking running while high just might not be for me...

    Sorry, I'm rambling cause I'm high right now, lol

    1. Do you enjoy workouts while high (this includes games like football or basketball)
    2. Do you enjoy weightlifting while high.
    3. Do you enjoy cardio while high.

    Iv seen this done before in other threads, so I guess ill start...

    1. Only tried a couple times, couldn't seem to play well.
    2. Only tried twice, was enjoyable for me... But my friend said I was noticably high.
    3. Not sure yet, lol
  2. 1. i played freeze tag just the other day stoned, it was fun
    2. sometimes, it depends on the weed and my mood, etc. i've worked out high before, then other times i've sat and watched tv instead ;p
    3. i've tried running high before, i prefer running sober then getting high after i get done and take a shower
  3. I think running high is fun because we have a nature trail right by my house and I just listen to my MP3 player and run past all the plant life :p. I have played basketball high, that was alright but I wasn't good at all. Never weight lifted high, might try that later on. Overall, being high just improves everything except test taking for me haha.
  4. running high is awesome. It makes me feel totally balanced and easy to keep with the rhythm.

    Martial arts training while high doesn't work so well though haha..
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    I'm not much of a team/ball sports guy, so I can't really speak to that, but I do enjoy running and hiking high. I enjoy them not high, too. I'm a regular runner, been one most of the last twenty years. I'm your basic 15-20 mile a week guy, sometimes a little more ambitious than that, long runs in the 7-8 mile range, run a few road races every year but certainly not to win. I suppose I get high before a run maybe once a month or so, if that. I always have a good time. I find I'm often faster that way; I think it puts me more closely in touch with the moment-by-moment feedback my body is giving me. Ordinarily, when I run I tend to space out, think about things, go off in my head while my body runs down the road, but smoking beforehand gets me more riveted to the 'control panel,' so to speak.

    I'll add this -- it doesn't work when I get really stoned. A couple hits and that's it. As for that, not many things *do* work when I smoke too much. I find that a *little bit* of pot makes many things in life better. A *lot* will often do just the opposite.
  6. My Fraternity has intramural sports at my college where we compete with all the other Frats in various sports such as Basketball, Softball, and tag football....Me and my bros always always blaze before going to just makes it more fun
  7. Havent tried running, but riding my bike is my favorite thing to do.

  8. I disagree cpmpletely, ive been training Jiu Jitsu for about 3 years now and only recently started training high and i do so much better, my mind is able to see things and react faster than when im sober to the point where it seems like everyone is moving in slow motion, its the most amazing thing ever. (and no my weed isnt laced i think its just the mixture of weed and adrenaline).
  9. I can't even walk very far high I run out of breath or get super tired and my heart will race. So no not for me.

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