running from cops

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  1. about 5 months ago me and some of my friends were chillin at a park. We were looking for bud because our dealers were dry at the time. It was about 8p.m when some people we new pulled into the park and they had some weed. we bought 2 gs of mids. the people we got the weed from decided to drive there truck in the lake behind us and the got stuck. little did we no the people who live behind the lake called the cops on us. After we got the truck out of the mud they left to get more weed. After they left some kid pulled in and ask us if we whanted to smooke a bowl. we said yes. we whent to the table at the park and started to light up some purple mids. It was about 9:30 and we had about 6 bowls when the boys in blue pulled in and we ran to the far side of the lake where there was a hill to haide behind. About 3 mints later the cop pulls out and drives behind the road next to where we were hiding and we take off and he sees us. the cop turned on his spot light and shind it right at me and says" u running frome 911 stop resting areest we will get u". I take off runing toward the nehiborhood and i find a tunnle to hide in. when i get to the tunnle the cop pulls up behind me, and i decide to take off running again. now i am in the nehiborhood and i jump 2 fences and i ended up slicind my arm open on a nail as i climb the second fence. After that i hid in somones back yard behind a a.c unit and a fence and some bushs. After about 15 minits a cop walks into the back yard and shins his flashlight around the back yard. At this point i was so scred i just about shit a brick. For some great reson the cop dossent see me..... Ahter about 1 hour i left my hiding spot and ran into 2 of the peploe who were with us 1 of them got caught and the other got away. the one kid who got caught said 2 other kids got areested. At this time we police sirens go off and we see them pull over the kids who sold us the weed. After about 10 min i called my friend that i was staying with and he said him and 3 others got away and they were at my friends house down the street from the park. i walk over there and when i got there we all decied to celbrate for geting away from the cops we smoke the 2 gs and we drink down 1 bottle of rum and 1 bottle of whiskey. And i pased out at about 6 a.m. THE END
  2. haha nice story. and good job for not getting caught. thank god you can jump fences cause if not.. you probably woulda been fucked.
  3. Haha sweet story man. I love running from cops blazed its such a adrenaline rush. Oh and jumping fences is hella gangstaaaaaaaaa. :hello:
  4. word!

    you did the right thing when running from cops. .

    and that is go through and do shit that they wont want to,

    shit if you start jamming through backyard fences anyone but the gung ho rookie is gonna give up before you,
  5. Word, no cop wants to have all that gear on and chase a kid down that was smoking weed, not that big of a deal if you dont catch him.

    But on the other hand, i liked your story.
  6. Sounds like a tetanus shot is in your future.... Good job on evading the police dude.

  7. :confused::confused::confused:...

    either way great story

    edit- haha nvm....resisting arrest, i got it now
  8. hahaha I thought the cop was hispanic:smoke:
  9. I would read your story but no one taught you how to write in paragraphs :(
  10. English isn't your first language, is it?
  11. Haha thats how ya gotta do it. Hop the fences run straight through backyards until you find a nice hiding spot.

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