running co2 and roots geting oxygen

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  1. im going to a sealed room,so i need to run co2 but do i nead to run a low ppm becouse the roots need oxygen and being organic i dont know ?
  2. Kinda the wrong forum for CO2 questions methinks. The plants needs for O2 and CO2 don't change just because it's an organic grow.

    As I recall you run CO2 during the day as roots O2 needs go up at night.
  3. Maina,

    How's it growing bro? Damn, your trees are freakin' impressive. Most cannabis growers are going to tell you that you need to run 1500ppm to grow cannabis but I ran into some science that refutes this information.

    This thread will give you the details. You can run 1,100-1,200 ppm effectively without worrying about creating excess ethylene gas which can be detrimental to your plants.

    Good to see you here bro, let me know what you think after reading this info.

  4. Chunk

    What is the 'normal' level of CO2 in the atmosphere? IOW how much of an elevation is 1,100 ppm compared to normal for example.

    Real professional indoor grower here, eh? LMAO

  5. Lump,

    300-400 is about the average ambient co2 levels. It can vary a bit whether your in the city or country. Spurr posted some valuable information a while back that debunked the old cannabis paradigm myth.

    I haven't used my setup for several months now and have considered selling it.

  6. from wikipedia

    My flower room CO2 meter averages about 500-700 ppm.
  7. Thanks to both for your information.

    Contrary to urban legend, the use of CO2 in commercial greenhouses is minuscule. You have to be doing some very specialized plants to justify the investment.

    Even then...........

  8. I think with a good air exchange system in place you can effect good yields that are consistent. I have a tank/regulator system which I think was insufficient for my grow rooms size. Probably should have gone with a burner but then the battle to control heat would come in to play.

    To further answer your question Maina.......1500ppm is .15% ....... that's point other words very little co2. Add to that the fact that your plants are breathing out oxygen as they you'll have plenty of o2 for the plant's roots. Not to worry.

    One more question:D with the size of the monsters your you really need co2 or is there a Guinness Book Of World Records category for the most insanely huge indoor cannabis plant ever grown? LMAO....make you you post the journal so I see this next one.

    be cool,

  9. yea room being sealed I need to run co2.I will run burners.also it will be two rooms 2 burners 2 mini split slims 30,000 btu 2 Santa femax dry dehu, 8 1000 watt ballast 16 bulbs 2 4 place flip flop relays she guna rock!:hello:
  10. Methinks that Maina is indeed going for Guinness Book *lol*

    Hi Maina!

  11. it's what happens when gear heads get stoned. ;)
  12. I've heard that levels of 1500 ppm can be toxic to humans (As well as pests). Is this true? Could any biologists put some input on to what would happen if a plant was stuck in a room which air was almost pure CO2?
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    A cannabis plant would die in such a room. It needs oxygen as well.
    Pretty certain CO2 is not too toxic to humans @ 1500 ppm. There would be a lot of dead growers by now if it were. ;)
  14. Me think maina is a bizzness man:D
    Kinda funny it all started 4 years ago with 200 bucks for seed and dirt.Didnt know jack shit did my home work and had a plan to never take money from the family for growing but roll the money with every grow till it got to where I wanted it.Hard work always pays of.Yea my real job is 4000 hours a year,pluss this.I cant stand lazy ass people :mad:.
  15. If anyone did, you hit the ground running my friend...*lol*

    I peek in - dont think I dont. :)

    good luck.

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  16. IDK this to be an absolute fact, but I've read that a healthy human adult with good lungs can tolerate anywhere from 5 to 10 thousand ppm of CO2 before problems arise.
  17. Hey jerr I think some day you should see my two new rooms ;)
    the grand tour:D with samples:p
  18. ...I attempted co2 in a hermetic room once, but I had major humidity problems without some, I only run co2 during the winter months via a burner due to the heat buildup that comes with it...and I run an exaust scrubber/fan on a timer for 1 minute every hour, and during all sleep hours since our ladies only need the higher co2 while they really helps with the RH...keep in mind that your a/c will stop the dehumidiying it does when it meets temp, then it kicks to fan until it need to cool things down.
  19. I just went in to my room and it was over 1500ppm. Help!

  20. There would be a lot of dead growers by now if it were

    Judging from some of the cannabis boards and the participants involved, it would appear that life degrading begins to work on the brain first.


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