Running Blazed?

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  1. Before I started tokin' I was a junior olympic swimmer and a pretty good runner. Now I just lift, but want to start to get back into running. I wanna know if anybody has run more then 2 miles high before and how it went. thanks.
  2. A couple years back, I had a pretty steady routine of smoking a bowl and then running 4 miles. I'd head out around midnight, there'd be a nice cool breeze blowing in off the ocean, and I'd be lost in some mellow electronic music. It was freakin great.

    I've replaced fresh air and exercise with food and beer, unfortunately.
  3. that's the complete opposite of what it means to be a stoner: running. i actually get a weird high when sober if i run more than 5 miles at a hard pace
  4. i would probably die if i tried to run 5 miles.
  5. In h.s., I used to hit a bowl or roach a few times before going to track practice. Made the 4 mile warmup and following plyometric training a lot easier for me haha
  6. that is called a runners high...its pretty fun
  7. I do it fairly often. My summer and fall routine usually has me running 18-22 mile weeks with weekly long runs in the 7-8 mile range, and I do these while high fairly often. The two things go together beautifully, I feel. It helps me to stay in very close moment-by-moment touch with what my body is telling me; I monitor and adjust pace and stride with great alertness, and I often wind up completing a run faster than I otherwise might. Mind you I don't get completely wrecked and go out, but 2-4 hits of good homegrown outdoor -- my brother-in-law knows a guy ;) -- adds a whole new dimension to a run. Similarly, I find herb complements long hikes very well. I like 15-20 mile solo day hikes, really exhausting ones with 3,000 - 6,000 feet of vertical gain, and our green friend can be a terrific companion. Touch up the brain chemistry at the beginning of each long climb & again on summits with views .... aaaahhhhh!

    It would be worth doing even if only for the improvement in the quality and richness of the music one hears in one's head.
  8. Dude, Running high blows massive ass, total buzz kill.
  9. I never go for runs, way too lazy. But IMO, blazing after doin exercise is the shit.
    endorphins + thc
  10. Is this healthy, I often feel an increase of heart rate when I run and fear that too much physical excersion will cause a possible heart failure or major injury cardiovascularly.

  11. We were originally hunters and gatheres, if we couldn't run i don't think we'd be able to survive so i'm sure it won't kill you.
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    I do this on the daily. I dont run that far though usually no more than 2 miles. I love running high. It does kind of kill your buzz though I usually smoke another bowl when I get back.

    Now lifting high is way different. I cant imagine doing that I would probably not be able to do shit.
  13. if i were to run while blazed, it would have to be a threadmill.
  14. i used to smoke and run 4 miles every day i got knee surg so now i get hi and bike it works out great for me. i will say find a hot babe to run with and fall back a lil and by the time you realize it you have been starin at her ass for a half hour and your run is over

  15. ps dont lift hi or playfootball hi cant mix them
  16. I did this a couple of weeks ago, it was great. I was going so fast, and the breeze felt so nice.

    You have to be physically fit to enjoy it though. Like, If you're not, then running isn't going to be enjoyable either way, lol. But if you like exercising, then definitely try it out. I always feel it counteracts the damage i inflict by smoking too.

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