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Running and Marijuana

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by -Peripheral, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. I've been on a T-Break for a few months now, and during it I decided to start running again. Atm I can run a ~5:30 mile or ~19:00 3 mile, which isn't spectacular, but its better than I've done in a while, especially cus ive been lagging on running the past year or so. What I want to know is if smoking MJ 2-3 times a week will hamper my running time at all, and if vaping (A little low on cash atm, so my only option would be a light bulb :eek:) would make a diff if smoking MJ thru a pipe does harm running speed. +Rep to any runners who'd like to share experiences, opinions, or w/e
  2. Smoking weed everyday a bunch brings down your lung capacity about 5 percent so no not really.

  3. That's good to hear. Thanks and +rep :smoke:
  4. I had the same problem a while back. I lift weights and smoking was getting in the way of cardio training so i got a vape. It helps a lot you just need to figure out the right temp. Too high and your lungs actually feel worse than smoking but you can get that perfect spot that gets you blazed and barely affects your breathing. Its helped my running a lot, i can go harder for a lot longer and not feel like my lungs are on fire. If you're like me and quitting bud is out of the question, you should definitely go with a vape when you get the money.

    Regardless tho when i first started running my lungs would hurt less and less each time i worked out and i was smoking daily. So overall weed isn't too bad. But vaping 2-3 nights a week (which is what i do now) has really improved my lung capacity.
  5. A vape does sound pretty attractive, and yeah quitting bud is definitely out of the question. I'll have to invest in one once I get the money, then.
  6. i used to compete in running events till last year (bad shins) then i picked up on smoking. i still run a couple time a week but nothing like i used to do but i can't say i have noticed any changes in the way my lungs feel
  7. That's pretty cool man. Its good to see that smoking MJ negates little to nothing from your running speed.. and that vaping is virtually harmless. Will make me feel completely guiltless when I finish my T-Break and can still run as often as i do now & have some harmless smoking/vaping seshs
  8. Train harder then you smoke son.
    Running feels so good. Theres something for me about that wrecked feeling you get after a mile or two then running sprint intervals. I love it :)

    Good luck with your future health and fitness accomplishments!

    Me: I smoke, lift weights, box and run, and I am yet to physically see any detrimental results.
  9. I know what you mean man. Running feels great, especially sprinting.. Its awesome having the feeling that you're cutting through air as wind hits your face while you're all out sprinting, feelin good and dead tired at the same time :p
  10. I've been running at the competitive level for a few years and began smoking about a year ago. I PR'd in the 800 and mile this past spring track season.

    So I'd say it has had no effect on me :)
  11. I don't run competatively but when I smoke and we go on hikes I usually always end up running back to the car. It's fun, doesn't make me tired for some reason, and I just don't feel like stopping.
  12. Very nice! I am also a Long Distance Runner in my High School. I can run a 5:10 mile and 18:00 5k!

    But I'm hear to tell you a story not my records lol.

    Ok so i had just finished a hard run and was feeling some aches and pains, so i smoked some good old Dro. it made me feel so much better and sleep alot better.

    And the next day we had a workout that I was dreading! i was not looking forward to it at all. I tried to keep positive thoughts in my head and not worry.

    So were standing on the track and about to start. Before we go coach says run alittle faster then your race pace. So we start, and suprisingly I'm up in front, feeling charged and like the pace wasn't even hard at all.

    My initial guess was the Dro i smoked might have contributed toward my really good workout on that day.
  13. Smoking can definitely have an effect on your running if you let it get out of hand. I smoked a few times a week during my senior year of cross country and it didn't effect me. I always smoked after I ran though. During the summer I would smoke sometimes right before I ran and I definitely noticed a difference in my breathing and stamina. That was when I was running at a high level(70+ miles a week) though so you're more likely to notice differences in your performance. 5:30 is solid though. I've ran about 5 times in the last year and could probably manage a 6:30 right now :eek: It's amazing how fast you get out of shape once you stop running.
  14. Ok first off a vape is a pain in the ass. I have one and never use it anymore.(wasted $150)

    My issue is you need 1/2 an hour to smoke. I want a couple of hits in 60 seconds.

    You could run 6 miles before my vape session is over.

    I don't think smoking a joint 2-3 times a week will have any affect on your proformance.:D
  15. Thanks for the replies :). After picking up smoking a bit to about 2-3 times a week, I haven't noticed any difference in my stanima, which is great :hello:. Good to know that I can stay in shape while staying high too :p
  16. I smoke medical marijuana daily and can run a 5k in about 18mins. I'm a firm believer in smoking weed and running - it's a my meditation and my exercise. Definitely smoke a sativa - sour diesel is a good strain for running as is green crack.
  17. I smoke weed everyday and don't really workout besides playing pick up games of basketball. I've been running again lately and my mile time is around 6 minutes after a week of running...definitely not world class (maybe not even average..?) but that's better than I could do before I smoked weed. Granted it's been like 2 years since I haven't smoked lol

    Pretty sure it doesn't affect lung capacity all that much unless you're smoking tons of blunts. I'm not denying that it doesn't reduce it, but it's not that noticeable for me at least.
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    Whether this is true or not, I still have a better lung capacity than every smoker/non-smoker I know.

    I smoke 5+ times a day and run 3 miles every day of my life. It's not like it's hard or anything. I could run 5 miles a day if I worked at it.

    IMO the best is smoking right after a good run, those endorphines and the THC mixed and you feel like fucking superman. Then I like whippin up a nice protein shake mmmmmmmmmmm!

    If any one ever has to stop smoking for a period of time for whatever reason, I highly suggest you make running a habit of yours. GREAT stress reliever, and a runner's high is pretty bomb. Running and smoking are my 2 favorite parts of my day.
  19. I'm glad to see a thread where i can agree with pretty much everybody.
    In my experience smoking before running makes me more aware of my body and more in control. The same goes for working out too. Remember that weed doesn't make you lazy as long as you have a good attitude. Last weekend me and two buddies smoked some purple and went for a 8+ mile run (with random outbursts of sprinting) and loved every second of it.

    We are hoping to run next years 4.20k stoned, like most of it's competitors.
  20. I thought I was weird for loving to run high, good to see some productive stoners haha. Im currently training for a 50 miler in may and I have these Sativa based THC pills that I take before my runs which get me pretty high for like 3+ hours. Also if any of you guys are Medical MJ patients I highly suggest picking up a Cannabis Salve or rub. After a 10 or 20 mile run my legs are usually pretty sore so I tried rubbing this stuff on my calves and quads after a run and it pretty much numbs out most/all the soreness and pain. It also works for any other joint or muscle pain as well. Happy Tokin! :smoke:

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