running an intake from an ac vent

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  1. would running one of my ac vents from the central air into my cab work for intake?
    im concerned that it might fuck up my central air unit.
  2. Good question. I don't know for sure, but my guess would be yes. I have an ac vent into my room, but I also have some holes cut int he wall next to it, that way the pressure isn't sucking from the ac. And it doesn't really seem like you will be able to suck much fresh air from the ac vent when it's not blowing. I'm sure some other guys will chime in help you out for sure though.
  3. i was thinking the same
  4. If you have a high efficient furnace or air handler with pvc venting it, you probably don't want to steal air flow from it. It could constrict the air flow going into the furnace where there are sensors that sense the amount of pressure from the air flow, and will shut the furnace off if it isn't sensing enough pressure. So you really don't want to steal air flow from that vent. You should just drill a two inch hole and run a new vent to your system.
  5. Where I work, we have a high-power fan set up next to an AC vent, and the air it blows out is EXTREMELY cold. This is not inline with any ducting or anything, but I'd imagine it'd work the same. I would personally give it a try (and will be soon). Just take note the next couple days and see if affects anything elsewhere in the house.

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