Running 1000W on 120V

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  1. Got a question about running a Lumatek 1000W digital on 120V. I know 240V is the ideal way to hook this ballast up but there's no way I can get a 240V plug wired into where I'm living right now. So my question is would it be a huge problem to run the 1000W Lumatek on 120V? Would I be okay to do this or it simply isn't suggested? If not, should I just downgrade to 600W on 120V?

  2. I run my 1K on a 120V without any problems
  3. you will be fine.
  4. do you want us to show you how to turn 120 into 240? and may i ask why you think it would be better to run the ballast off of 240V? the only reason i know to swich from 120 to 240 is to have more lights on the same circuit.............
  5. The only reason is because I've read that using a 1000W ballast on 240 is more efficient. But if it doesn't matter then I'll just pick up the 120V ballast.

    If turning 120V into 240V includes running new wire to the panel then it's pretty much impossible for me to run the wire without tearing down drywall and I'm renting this space so can't really do that. But if it's possible to use the same wiring off a 120V plug to hook up 240V then I'm all ears :cool:
  6. no its not. it could be dangerous

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