runnin from the police

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by fly society, May 27, 2009.

  1. cant do that shit anymore.

    One time i ran from them at the corner store by my crib. They were just looking at me n my friends smoking. It seemed as if the cop was like waiting for us to move because we were in a dugout of a baseball field right next to the corner store. So we started walking/running to the cut so we could go to the other apartments n scatter. The cop had watched us run and he came after us threw this path by this church,right behind the corner store,sohe came to the left of us,and we all was like YOO THE COPPPS. and He whipped the car and came bacc around like a st8 180 bacc to us stopped the car n chased us. We all split n my ass jumped over the fuccing football field. AND WORD TO MY MOTHER i ran across the football field into the other apartments n hid n the bacc. they had the dogs n everything posted n a road blocc n a fuccing helicopter. I seen my homie run right by me n the cop chased but i was under the apartment steps like the stoupe. So i got home safely n shit.

    but it was crazy.:smoking:

    o n i aint have shit on me but i was on probation
    my homies who got caught wit sum weed went to jail for a couple days .
  2. a road block and a helecopter?

  3. you might seem skeptical but i've seen them here in canada for much less, such as breaking into cars and such (the copter was out in full swing last week for 1). Cops with no real crimes to solve will pull out all the stops.
  4. im open minded to anything. Seems like a waste of money and resources for just some people sitting around looking "suspicious"
  5. that shit is bananas...
  6. yea i cant even say my hood is all that bad.
    it aint shit. really.just a lot of the homies posted gettin blunted :smoking:
    alot of people selling though.n its in the way of a corner store which stays pacced with people.n people selling shit. clothes n shit.

    but yea the ghetto bird was out spying on people.but i had gotten in the crib b4 then

    but i had to get low cuz i was on probation.cant fucc with that
  7. I can't even read this, the grammar and punctuation is way too bad.
  8. Running from the cops huh? I dont do that shit no more I once ditched school (long time ago when I was 13) and got arrested for truancy defiance and resisting arrest

  9. hahah love ur sign. I have just started watching Trailer Park Boys this season. I havent laughed at something so hard in along time.:hello:
  10. That just fucking PISSES ME OFF.
    I'm so sick of the governments bullshit.. The police force is just another word for Nazi's. I hate this shit. :mad:
  11. man you one gangsta ho. runnin from Po Po by your crib. shit...You like Ice Cube and shit. NO! you are Ice Cube. Fridays Bitch!
  12. Why dont people just type out the full word.. Its not that hard
  13. sounds pretty exhilarating. good job on not getting caught.

  14. I pretty much refuse to read posts written like that. 90% of the time they're some 13 year old white kid trying to be gangster and act cool on an internet forum. Just type like a sane and logical person, for fucks sake.
  15. [ame=]YouTube - 2Pac - Runnin' From The Police (unreleased)[/ame]
    RUNNINNNNN FROMMM THEEEE POLICEEEE.....THATSSS RIGHT. The bass on this track is si insane.The first two rappers on it were 16 and 17 too sucks it had to be remixed....

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