Runnin From the Cops

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by KillerJ, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Ahh So Last weekend me and my friends pitched in and bought 2 kegs for this chicks bday. Well we find a place to drink out in the country with a big ass bonfire goin. The only thing bad about the location is that it is right by a road. So theres about 50 people at this party all drinkin some people brought vodka and we had music going also. Then this car comes down the road and everyone knows its a cop. So the whole party starts running. Now this was in the country and everybody had to run up this big ass hill covered in thorn trees(good thing i was wearing a hoodie and pants) not only that we had to just about 3 barbed wire fences and a couple creeks. So i was runnin with one of my friends and these 2 hot girls. Well we get up to the top of the hill and my friend says "damn I wish I had my vodka with me." We hear the cop on the loudspeaker telling everybody to come back to the party. Well after about a halfhour we hear people yelling through the woods to come back. So we go back to the party and everyones sayin that the cop couldnt come into the land because it was private property. So everyone just kept partyin on.
  2. Thats some funny shit. Was the cop just sitting on the road? I bet he was pissed.
  3. lmfao thats a good story i tought u were gonna say something cool about the hott chicks u had alone... ;)

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