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  1. The runner's high is real but very elusive and not all runner's get it. However, this article might lead to intriguing possibilities. Having said that, it might not be a good idea to exercise outdoors while on marijuana, even if it does seem like it can make physical activity all the sweeter.

    Has anyone ever found that pot and exercise can work synergistically to improve one's sense of wellbeing?
  2. This probably belongs in a different section. Wellbeing or sense of wellbeing? Two different things.
  3. Went for a three mile run once while I was high and it was like I was floating. Would highly recommend.
  4. Runners high is caused by anandamide.

  5. It's so elusive though. Many runners don't get a true runner's high at all. Some only get it very rarely. I used to get it on a somewhat common basis, but that stopped years ago. That's why this article from a newspaper (hence this section) intrigued me; maybe the right type of Marijuana--perhaps a Sativa type, can combine its psychoactive properties with an intense run to produce a truly glorious high. Just as long as one's cognition and reflexes aren't impaired to the point that he/she would get hit by a car.

    As for that gym-member that refused to share, he did say that he likes to get high before strength-training because he feels it increases the amounts of reps he can do, it increases his focus and makes his workout music more fun to listen to. So for those who say Marijuana decreases motivation, clearly that isn't always the case.

  6. synergistically? does taking any drug work synergistically to improve one's sense of wellbeing?

    there are many, many drugs and are we really spending the time looking at every single one and judging their worth according to how much they "improve one's sense of wellbeing"? what does that mean any way?
  7. ^^^
    too high?
  8. Why would it be a bad idea to exercise high outdoors?
  9. @To High 2 Fly: Well obviously it can risk your life and the one's around you but I'm sure you already knew that, lol.

    @hope2toke: i don't think I'm being cryptic. Many people take drugs--including Marijuana--to feel good. Having "a sense of wellbeing" to me means being in a positive state of mind with the general belief that "all is well". I don't think there's any shame in using Marijuana for this purpose, along with its many other purposes.
  10. You know darn well someone will change that second paragraph to read "my life is fucked up and I smoke weed to avoid reality and to make me feel everything is ok, even though I know deep down it's not"? There's actually some truth associated with that.

    I really would leave this "wellbeing" or "wellness" bullshit alone. Go with it's your right as a human being to ingest whatever you want, but this wellbeing shit is busch league.
  11. I am a heavy smoker and a work out freak. I usually go on 6 mile runs 4 times a week and some days I do it completely stoned. My experience is that I do not feel myself getting as tired and I am more focused on the scenery and my running form. The draw back to me is that, I have nearly fainted a couple of times and I throw up sometimes when running high because I am not paying attention to the stress on my body. But if you can keep in mind your limitations while working out, I would highly recommend it. I find that it helps me focus on the task at hard instead of thoughts of quitting my workout and getting some food.

    I do not know anything about runners high, but when I am sober, I sometimes feel high during long runs and it will linger afterwards. When the natural high takes over me it literally feels like a head high from bud.. and when I feel it, I can workout longer for the same reasons as when I DO smoke and run.

    As far as weight lifting high, it's not for me though I do it all the time by coincidence of lifestyle more than on purpose. It just makes each rep feel longer and tougher though the strain doesn't feel as bad if that makes any sense
  12. I hit my bag and workout high a lot. :D I also for some reason move a lot of furniture. I remember I tried to bring a recliner up two sets of stairs and it opened up on me :laughing: Was a comical situation.

  13. What??? How is exercising outside high going to risk my life????
  14. wtf is this "runner's high?" the only thing I feel when I run is contempt. I fucking hate running.

    Now BIKING on the other hand. Biking is fucking great. Add weed to the equation and nothing can make me happier! :hello:
  15. if exercising high is wrong, i don't want to be right. ultimate frisbee? check. mj? check.

    @Chaos4: if you are that worried about risks, its probably best not to even get out of bed in the morning. or sleep for that matter. you could wake up dead :eek:!
  16. hahahahahahahaha:hello:
    I am only laughing because you aren't the only one that has dealt with that.. under the same circumstances lol!!!

  17. I've done the same shit rofl.

  18. Word, getting high and biking is probably my favorite pasttime, i did get high and go running the other day and i was totally out of breath and felt like i was close to a heart attack, which isn't unusual because i'm in bad shape, hence why i started running.
  19. Runner's high is commonly thought to be caused by endorphin's but studies in recent years have linked not only endorphins but natural endocannabinoids being produced, hence why the euphoria is more like a floaty feeling than the opiate drowsiness.
  20. I run every other day, mostly sober, I think it does do something to you. Idk if its a high, but its def. a type of satisfaction that can't be gotten by working out other ways.
    After 10 minutes of running, You don't even feel it anymore. just automatic jogging while your mind is elsewhere.

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