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  1. does anyone play this,or has the urge to play it?

    Ive had an account since 2004, and played off and on. i havent played it in about a year though and every time i get stoned recentley i reaaaally feel like playing it lol :laughing:

    Im thinking about making a new account,just something i can play on here and there when im bored/stoned.
    so does anyone else play, or have played this awesome game haha:p
  2. Thought the same thing - so I made a new name and played hard for a week or three. Then it got boring/too hard.
  3. haha yeah thats what im thinkin will happen. i have an account with TONS of $ on it and some pretty high levels, but something about starting new sounds kind of fun..idk
  4. Play stoned as fuck for a while then give it up, its the natural progression.
  5. I have played it on and off since 6th grade (I'm 22 now haha), but haven't played it in a while.

    I doubt I'll ever go back since the last time I had an RS kick I played private RS Classic servers. They are a million times funner. The people that run them actually listen to players more and add updates based on what people actually need and want.

    Plus they have better exp rates, so I can play casually and still get decent levels to have fun with.
  6. yeah i played classic for a bit, just couldnt really get into considering i started with the new version.
  7. classic was the shit

    rs2 attracted so many retards
  8. I just played Private Servers and went PKing while stoned out of my face. Was fun for a bit then it got old quick hahaha
  9. I played for like all of 5th to 8th grade, I remember staying up till midnight in 6th grade with my dr pepper point and raping shit hahah I was such a fag
  10. Old RS2 (2004-2006) is major nostalgia for me and good times. After that.... blah.
  11. Played it since like 4th grade. I stopped in 6th. Then started to play once in awhile but always ended up getting bored and quitting. But a couple months ago I decided to bot it. When I got around 40m I tried to make an easy $40 by selling it. Got scammed and then just stopped playing. Botted it a little more and now have like 10m I think. If anyone here plays it and wants a free 10m pm me.

  12. That is the way to go dude. Easy ass money. And what the fuck are they gonna do you if you get caught, ban you? Lol.
  13. I still play like an hour or so every few days. I'd play more but they totally ruined it to where lobsters are only like 100 bucks:( but anyway, if anybody want's too play together message me up on here!
  14. Lobsters are only 100gp? Wow, I remember back in the day when a lobby was 25gp.
  15. I remember the days of "selling lob certs 5k"
  16. wtf sharks are 1400 again?

    I remember I tried to play again over the summer and people were trying to buy them for like 200, less than lobbies used to be.

    what the hell man, the economy in this game is fucking wacky
  17. They did a major bot ban recently and most prices are rising again. 4 of my accounts got banned.

    The average amount of players last month at all times was 200,000+, with the new bot busting technology, it averages at 40-80k on at all times, Runescape is finally playable without a million people dressed in D Meds and Granite armor raping all the turoths or other monsters of the like. xD
  19. I quit when the wilderness was taken away. That killed it for me. Never looked back.

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