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  1. So I've been playing some Oldschool RS and my friend started a chat catered to people who enjoy the things posted here. Getting high and playing an old favorite (in my case) is a good way to kill some time. Our chat has been growing slowly, most people who use it are playing oldschool but you can access the chat from RS3 as well.
    Feel free to join the friends chat - Stoner Days
    Also, add me in-game if you'd like! - Brak
    I know it may not be so popular in this community, but for those who play we be glad to have more people involved. Even if you don't play often, stop by the chat and say hello to a few like-minded folks.  :smoke:

  2. This game was awesome. I played OSRS from day 1 last year for a couple months. Like hardcore. I got to maybe 75combat almost 80magic, 60something woodcut. Bought full dragon minus shield (gave up grinding skills to beat legends quest) all in a pretty short amount of time.

    All did was spam barrows for like a month straight to save up for all my gear. I kept a log of all my droos. Had like 200 runs logged. At like 15mins round trip, you do the math lol

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  3. I be playong the shit out of RS3.

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  4. Any of you guys play RSPS?
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    I've started playing more since they added in the Ironman challenge, shows that they're listening to their players.

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