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  1. Describe your run-ins with crazy people. I was just outside the library and there was some black guy singing an Eminem song. I was like "Hey I know that song thats marshall mathers" and he's like "No, I'm Marshall Mathers. I'm Eminem." I was gonna give him some money cuz he seemed homeless but I didn't have any. He was like "Aren't you gonna give me some money?" I'm like "I don't have any money" and he goes "It's okay I have 500 billion dollars in my bank account." I'm like "Why the hell do you need money from me then?" Haha crazy people. He was cool though. Discuss
  2. Black dude after detroit tigers game was walking around screaming "I wish I was white" wad quite the scene haha
  3. one word. subways
  4. It seems black people are the best crazy people. BTW what's wrong with the forum? Is it just my computer?
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    I had a crazy lady incident yesterday at work. She came in looking to use our phone because her daughter was late coming to pick her up. This lady was ancient as shit and clearly not 100% together mentally and she was hysterical about how, since her daughter was a full 10 minutes late to pick her up, she must have gotten in an accident and wound up dead in a ditch somewhere
    old people be crazy as all raging fuck
    edit: also, this is a story I heard from a friend, not my own experience. My friend is a nurse fresh out of college and puts in volunteer hours at a clinic that serves lower-income patients and especially their children. So needless to say she meets some interesting characters.
    One day a lady comes in, unmarried with four different small children of varied appearance and ethnicity, and my friend has to go through getting their names and medical histories etc so she can examine them and treat them. Well eventually she has to ask about the childrens' fathers and the mother then unleashes her epic crazy.
    The mother gets all snarky about 'yeah, they've got different fathers' and 'no, I'm not with any of them...they all locked up' so my friend kinda moves on to a different set of questions, trying to keep an awkward situation from getting worse. But the mom presses on. 
    She says "yeah, what I do is go online and see where different killers get locked up. I find the hardest niggas in the pen, and I have conjugal visits with them. I'm trying to have my babies, and they're trying to get their dick wet, and the way I see it my babies are gonna be born killers. So what about that, white girl, I'm just trying to put more killers on the street"
    And my friend has seen this lady since that incident, and the woman is pregnant with her fifth child by another anonymous, locked-up murderer.
    And that, blades, is probably the craziest shit I've ever heard.
  6. I can't consider women as crazy since they're all crazy. haha jk.  But as someone with schizophrenia I definitely click with crazy people more than sane people.  Although I'm medicated so I don't have the symptoms currently, it still stays with me a bit.  Crazy how that happens.
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    Can't speak for myself here, but in the past 2 weeks two friends of mine have been stabbed, and I don't even hang around the sketchy type. 
    edit: Nvm there was a lady buying cigarettes asking me where she could by some coke at the corner store.
  8. Saw a tweaker outside a Tim Hortons [that HA members frequent] once. Tried asking us for smokes and money to which we declined. He then proceeded to ask these HA members that stepped outside to have a smoke for something and they told him to "Fuck Off!". Was a interesting sight. Or the naked dude walking down the street during rush hour last summer. Didn't stop, but again, what a sight.
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 that heroin anonymous?
  10. Hells Angels.
  11. i'm usually the crazy person that most people meet.
    I have my dick tattooed to say "I <3 U" and it's usually my conversation starter.
    I also have a pet wolf (well wolf/shepherd mix) that tends to turn heads when I'm walking her.
    I've also headbutted a goat before, egged a chicken, Got bucked off a pony, ridden a lawnmower off a cliff into a tree. Vodka enema, then there's the self inflicted scars, and let's see... oh I like to go up to random people and offer them a hug or a highfive when I get bored.
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    First time I went to college it was in a town that had several group homes in it and they would just let the crazy people loose on the town during the day. The one old guy would walk down the block and every time he would look at a reflective storefront window he would go off on his reflection yelling gibberish at it and pointing angrily at his reflection.

    Then there was another woman who would push around a cart filled with plastic bags filled with plastic bags. She also wore many layers of clothing and she had all types of stuff hidden in her clothing so she appeared all lumpy. She also liked to walk around flipping out but she wasn't talking to anyone in particular, she'd just be going about her way flipping out cursing and arguing with herself. She would also urinate on herself while sitting on a bench then get up leaving a puddle then we would look and realize her ass was soaking wet.

    The one day my friend and myself blazed up a lil between classes and were just chilling in town when we heard her cart being pushed towards us and her going on about lord knows what to herself.. then we realize about 10 feet behind her is reflection-man flipping out on his reflection keeping pace with her and I turned to my friend and said... do you think they are married? dunno, might have been the weed but we just started cracking up laughing about the comment lol..
    youtube link or it didn't happen
  14. My first time in philly. Crazy ass bum runs up to me. Latches on with retard strength. And starts screaming "ahhhggahhhhgagaghsshshs" while punching me in the head and face.

    Luckily i was with my two cousins and they saved my ass.

    I was 15 and 6'2 190 at the time. The dude was averaged size. But i swear he was stronger than any varsity lineman ive played with. If my cousins werent there he probably woulda knocked me out.
  15. i didnt meet this guy. he gets real at 0.45.
    i know a crazy guy that lives near my work. always walks around covered with several blankets. been in the area for several years from what i gather from locals. he seems harmless. even has the same name as I do. Chris. awesome. everytime i see him outside the corner store. he calls me either "Big Brother" or Big Timer." i have to be careful how i greet him because if i say "how's it going?" he'll actually tell me how it's going. for 10 minutes. then i usually get him a few tacos from the local taqueria.
    I got the scars to prove it and I could show you where the lawnmower is. It's still at the bottom of the cliff.
  17. When I worked at a grocery store, there was this usual dude who hungout at the waffle house parking lot across the street. in his 60's, skinny, name it. Always came in and hit on the female coworkers.

    Anyways, one day he came up to me and asked what time I get off work...I told him around 10:00 (it was 6 at the time) and he asked me for a ride home. Knowing he was a creep I was like "Idk man, they might have me stay late for unloading a truck if one comes in".

    At that point he offered me meth in exchange for a ride home. I politely refused, told him I stuck to green, and never saw him again. Crazy ol' fucker.

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