Run in with the police LateNight @ TBELL!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Nexis, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. so its a friday night, we all go to my friends house, blaze, some of them drink, but mostly we're just baked out of our skulls. So what do we need? Munchies! 12 people packed into my friends mitsubishi SUV and started on our journey towards taco bell (my friend who was driving hadn't been drinking, just smoking) So were in the drivethrough and we have soooo many people in this car. I'm in the passenger's seat blazed as fuck and andy is driving (were the only ones wearing seatbelts because of how packed the car is.) So out of nowhere, this cop comes walking up around the building and goes to the pickup window right as we get there. He says hi to us, completely ignoring the 10 people in the back and waits at the window. everyone was silent. We had stuff on us, and we could have gotten in deep shit, but the drive through window opened and he said "Hey, can i have my fruit punch?"

    I think at that moment everyone in the car was relieve. THEN - JUST TO BE A DICK (which was hilarious) to everyone in the back, my friend andy who was driving decided to carry on a conversation with this cop for like... 5 minutes while we wait for our food. when we left, everyone was screaming and laughing so hard, definately was a hilarious night, the cop just said "have a good night guys, be safe." when he left. I think you might've had to have been there for you to get a kick out of it.

    God i dislike most cops around here, but here is a big applause for the cool ones.

  2. sounds awesome man, wish all cops could be cool like that
  3. i don't mean to be mean, but if my friend did that, i think he would have gotten a well deserved punch, or kick... something... that's not cool in my book, if i was holding, and my friend decided to randomly talk to a cop for an extended period of time when he didn't have to.. even if he seemed cool, if at the end, somehow i ended up getting arrested, ohhh... i would've been pissed... consider yourselves lucky you found a nice cop, just as easily could've turned around and busted you all. but anyways, funny story, if i was there and baked, i probaly woulda laughed in the end too... but not after throwing atleast one, well deserved, punch or kick to sed friend who talked to the cop... lol
  4. haha same here SS. better to just keep the mouth shut.

    good thing he was cool though, sounds like it was a good night
  5. well technically he started talking to andy but andy just kept talking to him:smoking::smoking: haha.
  6. Lol @ 'have a good night guys'.

    Little did he know, you did. :)
  7. Not sure you can be arrested for talking to a cop.

    Everyone remember your rights from the BUSTED video!
  8. but since they were all high, and some drunk, sounding like a moron can be enough to get you arrested if the cop suspects you are under the influence of something
  9. I have a similar story, I was in a car with 8 people (a small camry) everyone except the driver was very drunk and very high, and probally 4 people had bags of weed and a few scales. The person driving us had pink eye so at 2:30 in the morning she was wearing sunglasses. She forgot the headlights, we got pulled over and the cops questioned two kids who tried to talk the cops out of trouble, but they were mad drunk and the cop knew it. But he just told 3 kids to get in the cop car, and the others buckle up and he followed us back to campus ( like 150 yards away) I just got out and booked it to the dorms another cop showed up but noone got in any trouble.
  10. Something tells me this guy knows what he is doing if he has enough confidence to do that...
  11. Yeah, leave the morons at home when you go out.
  12. i enjoy talking to cops when stoned, because they have no idea. Of course im also able to go about my daily routines smoking every 3 or 4 hours. i was actually a cook once and had a cop that would only allow me to cook for him. Cops arent that bad most of the time. Remeber they are just humans, and like the rest of us they have jobs. Treat a cop with human respect and he will do the same for you. good thing about always being high is no one knows when you are.
  13. hahaha nice story
  14. LoL awesome story.

    Sorry I missed your IM the other day, Nexis... I forgot an away message. Hit me back up. ^_^

  15. Click it or ticket? yea he couldve got arrested for that or at least a nice ticket. Not to mention the ten people in his back seat...

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