run in with the fuzz

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by weeedmaaan, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. alright guys check this out...I was reading a bunch of these and was loving all of um!! they're hilarious! then i was like hmm..i need to contribute...but i couldn't think of anything thats happened to me like this...then i remembered..a couple of summers ago my older bro me and my step bro and a few friends were out skating downtown...a cop rides up on one of those lame ass mountain bikes and trys to kick us step bro being the most rebellious of us starts mouthing off and swearing at him and so on. the cop asks for his name and I.D, I guess my step bro just gave up and told him his name and then plunged his hand into this pocket to get his I.D and pulled out his I.D...and a bag of weed...immediately were all like..OHH SHIT..the cops like HHEY WHATS step bro looks at him quite calmly and and says ....ITS A BAG A WEEED!! and runs off ..the cop chases him and we all bolt...we eventually meet up at my house...he got away ..this was probably one of the best moments of my life..
  2. thats classic man, thanks for cheerin me a up bit
  3. hahaha your step bro is funny man.
  4. omg i love how he gives up and takes weed out then is a total smart ass to authority. i love to see smart ass people go against the cops and win . +rep for this story.

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