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  1. Ok I live in houston Texas near a bayou and on one side they have a dense forest with a high trail and low trail where you can see a person 20 ft up the trail and if someone see you they call rider and you have time to though shit out. (and there are no cops on this side of the bayou (like it is not part of partol)

    Ok and there is a fence that runs on the side of the trail and on the other side of the fence is a country club Lake Side or LCC(where I am a meber) and there is an gate where I have a key to.

    So it works perfect

    And so we usly go to LCC on a day that it is going to rain And right after it rains we go to the bayou ( bc there are no bikers bc of the too wet to ride trails) there order shit loads of food from LCC

    But this time when we go a biker comes (doesn't call rider) right when my friend is dangling a zip lock bag of weed at my other friend who is hiting a pipe and me letting a gravity fill up with smoke.

    So my friends both put there shit up in a blink of an eye and I there holding a gravity in a fucking forest with smoke every where

    So he just passes us (like what most people do even if they know what we where doing) then stops 30 ft a way and yell guys wait I want to talk to you!

    So I am like fuck we cant run to LCC and have him tell on us there

    And he come up and guess what he is holding 10$ and a bag of blunt wraps and ask if we can share (this guy is like 30 or 40 with those tight biker shit on) so he gives us the money and rolls a perfect blunt and we take a couple of hits with him and shows us a smoking spot in the forrest that I didn't know was there with benches and a fire pit there.

    SO what i thought was going to be a bust in the bayou ended up to be ALSOME

    ps any one else live in houston around MHS or SHS
  2. im about 500 miles away haha but damn, thats an AWESOME ass story. +rep
  3. fuctin great, thats gotta be like a one in a million shot

    i would've been died from laughin if that had happened to me
  4. Haha... yeah, if that'd happened to me I'd of fallen on my ass laughing. Totally tight as shit though.

    "Kids wanna get higgggh...?!"
  5. i'm in the woodlands
  6. dude i was just wondering as i was reading if anyone ever runs into someone while there smoking too, good read,
  7. LMAO dude thats funny as hell
    and im high so its extra funny
  8. I'm in The Woodlands too, heh. WHADDUP FELLOW TEXANS YEAH!
  9. Nice dude, most bikers are chill with the ganj in my experience. I also never smoke on paths. S'all good, good story.
  10. ya a lot of people that enjoy the outdoors tend to favor the reefer too

    at least thats how it is here in colorado

    that shit happens to me when i snowboard a lot, people will cruise by doin tree runs and shit hah and ill be plopped down in the snow smokin a bowl or somethin haha no one ever says a thing lol
  11. yah dude I'm always smokin up on the trail. I love getting a whiff of reefer in the air and finding who it came from. They're usually jumpy at first like you guys were but then they're quite relieved when i pull out my own stash.

    You just got to be careful though, its usually double the normal fine/jail time for smoking in parks.
  12. Haha thats kick ass dude.

  13. Yeah i go to SHS where is this spot at exactly?? i used to pine in the bayou all the time man ive got some funny ass stories.. i remember last summer some friends and i were blowin on some dank ona trail with some trees covereing us but we could still be seen by the joggers and we got caught by the laws on a 4wheeler he yelled "Hey Boys come here" and we all just took off(close call)..haha i ended up at the nfc pool!
  14. DUDE that is so pimp I was going to go shs but I am going to MHS bc of my parnets
  15. Thats pretty cool I woulda yelled fuck as soon as I saw him stop lol But it turned out awesome.
  16. hahaha dude that is awesome, woulda been perfect if he pulled out a bag of good ass strain or something :D
  17. NW Houston Tx in the house.
  18. what's up? i live right in that area and go to memorial. so yea i know what you're talking about.
  19. Dude what is your name
  20. my name is mark. i will be a senior next year.

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