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RULES that come natural with experience

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Doobication, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. lets make a list shall we

    only ONE rule per person. read to see if its been takin... this will be the basis of a future movie of my own... stop rolling your eyes, im serious..

    anyway here it goes..

  2. i dunno if you mean just your "rules" or ones that should be universal, but we always pass the bowl of j or whatever clockwise.. i dunno why... its just natural for us round here...
  3. RULE #2: Left is right.
    He who loads the bowl, rolls the joint, whatever takes greens and passes to his / left / (see Rule #1)
  4. RULE #3: He who cashes, ready the bowl for next session

    Now, I dunno about you guys, but we usually like it that whoever cashes the bowl, loads the next.
  5. ive got one, No bogartin. hit that shit a couple of times and pass, its as simple as that.
  6. No slobbin on the bowl/joint . I know too many people that slobber them all up when they hit it.
  7. Rule #4: Thou shalt NEVER spill the bong water!
    Share your bud and have fun with friends.

  9. Around here that is called "nigger-lipping" it. No racism intended.
  10. #6. Puff puff pass....

  11. its called LEFT IS LAW when it goin to the right then RIGHT IS TIGHT

    #7 never leave stale smoke in the chanber of the bong
  12. Rules fucking piss me off.

    Nothing annoys me more then people bitching about rotation or how they got one elss hit then other people. I just want to yell at them to shut the fuck up.

    When I smoke pot I want it to be a chill envoronment, I'll smoke with everyone, so people should smoke with me the same way. No annoying rules/bitching...

    By the way, rules lead to bitching.

    Can't stand bitching :p.
  13. He who chokes on a hit, deserves to be laughed at
    Haha i always laugh when i am smokin with some 1 and they cough, as well i expect sum snickers when i cough.....
    and another....he who spill the weed, must buy a new sac asap
  14. He who drops the peice pays the price.(asskicking)

  15. or just buys a new one...:rolleyes:
  16. ya but after the asskicking
  17. you choke like a bitch automatic pass.

  18. I concure with Little Wing (nice name btw) - just smoke, don't think about rules.. obviously dont be a prick and hog it all, use common sense...but beyond that just have fun tokin
  19. Thou shalt not light up a cigarette in the room while there are still people blazing. Just because you're done for the moment doesn't mean everybody else is. There is nothing worse than clearing a fat bong hit and catching a whiff of a Marlboro at the same time.
  20. rules.. whats that?

    We have it simple, fuck rules.

    You roll it, you light it.

    Which way does it go? Someone to your left or right throw in? That way. No one throw in but you, hold it out, first one to get it wins. yay.

    But seriously, thats it. So.. simple.

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