Rules Suggestion - Growing in other people's homes

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by oldskoolgrower, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. From time to time I see threads about kids who want to grow in their parents' house without the homeowner's knowledge. I don't think discussions like this should happen here. It shows a huge lack of respect for the homeowner and in most jurisdicitons can get said homeowner in legal trouble even if they didn't know there was a grow going on.
  2. Is this going to restrict the outdoor growers section, and threads from Guerilla growers whos plots are on other peoples property?
  3. I was talking specifically about inside parent's homes really. As far as parks are concerned I think WE own them, but other people's land? You do NOT want to be the guerilla grower who I find trespassing and using my land :devious: but seriously, I don't think that's cool either. I'm a firm believer in land/property owner's rights, and growing on someone else's property without their knowledge or permission is just uncool.

    National parks belong to us however :)
  4. I essentially agree, and I think it would eliminate a lot of the juvenile grows threads that usually result in mom or dad pulling the plug. I think that people need to tread careful y though, because I could see a broad rule could kill a lot of fun idea sharing that people have about stealth grows. I don’t doubt that there are people in dorms, living with roommates, etc that are using the same tactics/grow scenarios.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. We'll discuss it.

    I agree that kids (who shouldn't be here in the first place) shouldn't grow in their parent's homes. Their parents could be escorted to jail just because the kids have zero respect for them. If kids do illegal things in their parent's home then there's no respect for the parents.

    Thanks again. :)
  6. You know it's always my pleasure. The health and happiness of GC has always been important to me, regardless of my 'sabbatical' ;)

    I agree that it should be worded carefully. If someone wants to do a stealth grow in their dorm that's their neck they are foolishly risking and not anyone else's.

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