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  1. Can someone give me a complete list with all the rules of smoking and smokeouts and whatnot? Also, related to that if you are the only one with weed and you want to smoke yourself do you have to smoke all of them out or can you just smoke a bowl or J by yourself?
  2. A complete list? Seriously?

    Just google "marijuana smoking etiquette"

    Also its horribly impolite to light up a bowl or joint and not pass it, go into another room to do that.
  3. If they didn't pitch then fuck em. It becomes your choice at that point to smoke them out.

    May be rude but so is stealing from someone which is exactly what that is
  4. I'll cover the basics.
    1. Don't be a douche, pass the herb when your done
    2. If only person in circle with bud, use in moderation as you choose
    3. Don't be a clown and blow instead of inhale
    4. Don't be a sketchball and yell cops for no reason
    5. Relax and be respectful of others and their belongings
  5. [quote name='"ZihgZag"']If they didn't pitch then fuck em. It becomes your choice at that point to smoke them out.

    May be rude but so is stealing from someone which is exactly what that is[/quote]

    So smoking someone's weed when they pass it to you is stealing?

  6. -Corner the bowl
    -Keep the rotation
    -Everyone throws in
    -Keep your composure and dont act like an idiot
    -EVERYONE keeps their head on a swivel for the fucking 5-0
  7. If you can't pitch in on the spot, reciprocate.
  8. Shit, there are no rules bro. Just smoke how you want as long as its your weed. If smoking someone else's weed, dont be a dickhead fiend and all will go well.
  9. Dont try to suck a bowl down in one hit, I hate people who do that, like Buffalo said corner the bowl.

    Always got mooched heavy when id light something up and not ask around if anyone wanted to throw in, It was like an auto cue to try and smoke my weed first. LOL. Stopped that shit right quick.
  10. why would you want to be the only one smoking anyway?

    just wait until you have some time on your own, shit
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    1) Always Share with Friends

    2)Be Prepared

    3)Pass to the Left

    4)Offer to best friend first after packing the Bowl

    5)Know the Potency of the Weed

    6)Puff-Puff Pass is O-K

    7)If You Don't Have Weed of Your Own- Ask Politely or Chip in Money

    8)Dont scorch the Bowl (Corner it)

    9)Flush the Toilet (Empty the Chamber Fully Before Passing)

    10)Give the tobacco warning if You mix it in

    11)Watch your Spit. Dont lip the bowl.

    12)Keep it Clean and Organized

    13)Dont pocket another's lighter

    Pulled from the book "Pot Culture" by Shirley Halperin and Steve Bloom.

    Here are my own rules:

    1) The rotation is established before smoking. It is never broken.
    2) Greens go to the person who threw in weed for a bowl.
    -If the bowl is mixed, discuss it out.
    -Sometimes we let the person who packed get greens if we have a weed abundance.
    3) Don't act like an idiot. If you are feeling too high, excuse yourself and go on your quick spirit journey and come back when you are good.
    4) Try not to cough, hack, and weeze.
    -If you can't help it that is fine, but don't take overly huge hits if you can't handle.
    5)Always corner it.
    6)Speak your mind. If you want to smoke another bowl, just say it.
    7)Keep quiet if we are in dangerous territory.
    8) Always look for possible dangers to the smoke circle.
    - Like cops, conservative soccer moms, etc.
    9) One person will carry supplies. Easier to organize.
    10) Establish before smoking if it will be a power round or a chill sesh.

    There you go : D
  12. Don't be the asshole that rolls a joint and not let anyone hit it. If you are only smoki ng yourself up. go to another room or for a walk.
  13. i hope your trolling mane
  14. Here's a few rules I like to follow with my friends...
    1. Don't try smoke tricks with someone else's bud
    2. Don't pocket friends lighters
    3. Don't be sketching and always think you see a cop
    4. Don't rip the bowl (unless told otherwise)
    5. Don't pass a bong with stale smoke
    6. Don't get saliva on anything you pass
    7. Never pass anyone a cashed bowl
    8. Never fuck up passing rotation
    9. Never put out jay or blunt until no one else wants it or you finished it
    10. Lastly never ever invite anyone to smoke unless whoevers bud your smoking is cool with it
  15. *^^^^i don't like rule 1 why not? Smoke tricks are fun
  16. When you use someone elses bud to try smoke tricks (like a hammer shot or a french inhale) you don't really get high off it since you don't inhale as much of the smoke. It's considered a waste, so if you're doing it, use your own bud.
  17. i hate when people light their blunts or joint like a ciggy, your suppose to light the tip til you see a cherry than puff it

  18. I have trouble with this at times, especially if it's not my weed. I want them to offer dunno if other people are like this...
  19. [quote name='"Mendi769"']*^^^^i don't like rule 1 why not? Smoke tricks are fun[/quote]

    Smoke tricks are fun but if you just smoking your bud with friends and they're just doing smoke tricks and wasting your shit you'd be a little offended, atleast I would...

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