Rule #1

Discussion in 'Security' started by stikyWeedFinger, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Rule # 1 to staying safe is to not tell anyone......I think everyone here has broken that rule, Whats up GC growers:wave:
  2. And the #2 rule to fight club is Don't talk about fight club!!
  3. Whats a good way to explain to your friends how you are getting all this weed without spending money, or speaking with dealers?
  4. your mom smokes pot and you get it from her
  5. just tell them u got a hool up and no one else can get it, I like the mom idea. My friends mom always had bomb weed anyway!!

  6. I don't let them see the entire harvest. Explaining why I have a nice ounce of bud in a jar is easy. Explaining why I have a half pound spread out over a half dozen jars is much more tricky. As far as everyone else knows, I just pick up an ounce a month or so.

    The remaining harvest is kept in a closet near the grow room. If they find that bud, I have much bigger issues to worry about.

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