Ruined my plant with neem, will it survive?

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  1. Hey guys

    I have a plant in the ground and 1 in a pot outside, this is my first grow. The other day I did my second application of neem/water/soap and I just checked on them today, to find they have kind of rust colored spots all over the leaves, some are much worse than others. Here are some pics 4.jpg

    Im sure it happened because I applied way too much, the spray bottle I have doesnt mist the stuff out, it just squirts thick liquid all over so I really drenched them. Do you think they will get better if I never apply it again? I still have a small pest problem so I might just spray insecticide on them when they recover a bit.

    thanks for any replies

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  2. trim off the worst leaves for sure!
  3. I dont think thats a good idea when the plants are so young and the worst leaves seem to be the biggest main ones. I noticed the leaves are kind of curled downward and have a weird texture too, hoping it rains tonight which might rinse off some of the shit but idk.. I really hope they get better
  4. No just leave the leaves alone lol as long as they r on the plant they r doing their job i only pull leaves off when they fall off... i grow with cfls so quite a few leaves end up getting burned by the end lol as long as their still on the plant they doing their job
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    Why wait for rain, mist with clear water and wipe the excess off. Your plants are fine and will continue to grow normally. When using Neem oil always mix the oil with an emulsifier like pro tec silicon or horticultural soap until evenly mixed, then add the water. This will keep the oil in suspension during use. Don't listen to those suggesting leaf removal, the plant will drop the leaf when it is not needed.

  6. Thanks alot for the advice. I will do that tonight, could probably do it now because there's no sun out all day but I wont risk it. Man I should have done that a few days ago, hopefully they havn't gotten even worse today.

    I think the problem might be the type of soap I used, its like really strong anti bacterial liquid soap, also I put it in after I put the water with the neem.

    cheers everyone
  7. I just sprayed with water and wiped the leaves, hopefully it makes a difference. I feel like the plants are probably too fucked, the leaves are really weird and bendy, I really fucked up with the neem :(

    I broke 2 leaves while wiping them too, hopefully its not too big of a deal, my potted one which is starting to get root bound is looking alot better than the one in the ground, might just rip it out and chuck the potted one in. I guess I'll find out what im going to do in a few days to a week.
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    Don't pull this plant it will grow out of the trouble and provide a good plant. Your plant is in much better shape than the idiots who tear off all their leaves, eventually, even their plants recover and continue to grow. The neem is not going to cause any problem to your plant. The biggest problem was using disinfectant soap instead of pure soap. The best emulsifier for neem is pro tec silicon, this also provides silicon for protection and growth. I spray with neem and pro tec twice monthly when the plants are in veg for pest protection and have never had a problem with the repeated applications.


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