Ruined my high : (

Discussion in 'General' started by davekim, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. Today i was going to this store to buy a brand new pipe, the proto pipe one (old glass one broke while tryin to get the rez to smoke), i was all happy and excited. It took 2 hours to get to this head shop but 2 of my good friends and I toked all the way there. When we got there, we were amazed by this huge 4 person hooka they had there. And i mentioned "w__d" by accident and the lady overheard and wouldn't sell me the pipe, because i mentioned it. This totally ruined my good ol' high....Damn it : (
  2. That sucks.. I know the headshops around here don't like hearing anything related to pot, but I heard it slip from friends before. Normally the guy will just be like "Uh, you mean tobacco right"? And they just agree...
  3. I know, i tried correcting myself. I said, " I meant to say tobacco, but it just came out by accident." But this lady was a huge bitch.
  4. man.. the stores around here are nothing like that. They don't care what you say :) once we were walking around downtown looking for a hook up, but couldn't find one. So, we went into the head shop and were like "hey, do you know where we could get a hook up?" the lady at the counter was like "ah sorry, but it is illegal, ya know?" We almost got it, but she had good common sense. She probably would have told us had she not been working, but whatever.
  5. You can say weed here! :D

    I've been asked to leave a store before (told, pushed out the door...whatever you want to call it) for talking about weed. Some places are strict about that. Some could give a rat's ass.
  6. haha, i thought we weren't allowed to say it here either, didn't want to be banned from this site. I love this forum, it made me want to smoke a blunt, J, bowl whatever, after reading all the funny posts. : ) thanks
  7. Highgirlie420, is that a pic. of u?
  8. God, that really bites, man. What exactly did you say about weed? And what did she say when she wouldn't let you buy it? I mean, c'mon, do they people really believe that people are smoking tobbacco out of a $100 glass bong? Ahhh, some people crack me up.

  9. Nah its a pic of so cute.
  10. Haha, if u really that cute imma have to rape u, syke im playin. I was just talkin to my friend about it, and my friend asked where u put the weed and i told him u put the "weed" there, and she said something like, "once you suggest that you use our product for illegal substances, by federal law we cann't sell it to you." I mean reaally, who is gonna buy glass bongs and bowls for tobacco use? O well, i guess it was partly my fault for saying that.

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