Ruined first grow (autoflower). Please Help.

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  1. This is my first grow. As you can see in the pictures, its been drooping like that for weeks. The lower fan leaves all almost all yellowed and fallen off, and the tips of the upper leaves have already started to yellow as well. I'm sure this isnt nutrient burn because i havent fed her in a long time. it was fine and healthy ever since she sprouted but now it seems like she just wont recover.

    i fear i over watered along the way and now she has incurable root rot. She is supposed to be 10 days away from harvest but the buds are no where near done since its been stunted for weeks now. I have an older plant next to her that is suffering from the same symptoms except much worse and significantly more stunted.

    Using 300W LED, commercial soil with added perlite, and watering with RO water PHed to 6.0. Also the pot has very adequate drainage and the other plant is in a smart fabric pot.

    Can those underdeveloped buds be salvaged for any use? can this be reversed? how do i prevent this from happening again in my next harvest? Please help so i can learn from this mistake and prevent it from ever happening again. [​IMG][/url][/IMG]


  2. About all you can do is let them finish out. Live and learn type deal. I tried coco myself this grow and I am very happy with the results v. Soil and no dam gnat's lol. Sorry can't be more help. Though they look like they need nutrients, and as for root rot there are different things you can do to prevent that. Personally every few waterings I add 1 cup hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of water, helps combat bugs but also good for the root zone.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
  3. Having the same problems with my auto grow under 300 w LED I'm about 3 weeks from harvest

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  4. The frustrating this is i don't know how it got this bad, i never watered it unless i stuck my finger in the soil and is was completely dry. Should i harvest those pathetic buds or just trash it completely?
  5. Let it finish the hairs need to turn a little brown so you know they're ready

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  6. Finger in soil test has always been extremely unreliable for me. I lift the pot to check. Something you should try on the next run.

    Also post pics in normal lights so experts could actually see the leaf colour.

    Check out my first grow log:

    First ever grow: How do the girls look?
  7. im new but three things in your post really stand out 1st is "I'm sure this isnt nutrient burn because i havent fed her in a long time." and second and 3rd is " watering with RO water PHed to 6.0" I think you could have Micro nutrient deficiency since you have not fed them and using RO water everything has been stripped form the water in filtering .Also since your in soil I believe the PH of 6.0 is way too low Basically they sound starved and wrong PH level
  8. Toss the RO water. There are micro nutrients in tap water the plant uses and you can get deficiencies. The soil you're using is likely too dense...even with added perlite. The soil best for MJ plants should be so light and arid that unless you water slowly, it goes straight through and into drain tray. You never water until you can lift the container and feel NO weight. Weight is water in the soil still. You have to give them defined wet/dry cycles to stay healthy. Your plant is probably hungry too. Once it uses up nutes in soil, you have to re-pot or feed. Sounds like you need to do some reading up on how to take care of your plants. Need good understanding of the basics just starting out.
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  9. You are probably right. I'll do better next time, use tap water and better soil. Whats the recommended ph for soil, everywhere i read always said something like 6.0-6.5.

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