Ruderalis Hybrid Cannabis

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by sgroe, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Are all ruderalis hybrids autoflowering? I found the seed in a sack and it is now a little over a month into the vegetative phase, maybe 8" tall. Is there anyway to tell if its autoflowering? How long do most autoflowering plants take to begin flowering? This is my first grow.
  2. Mostly all ruderalis are autoflowering.. They have new plants called "super-auto flowering," which is supposedly just autoflowering that takes longer. But if you had a normal auto flower plant, and crossed it with a regular plant.. The off spring would almost certainly have traits of both, and would still be part ruderalis. Then you could select from those plants and make a strain that is not autoflowering but still has a small amount of ruderalis in it. Haha, hope I didnt confuse you too much.
  3. thank you, right now I only have one plant because its my first grow, how long do most autoflowering plants take to begin flowering?
  4. the way an autoflower works is it doesnt have to go through a light cycle to flower. if your plant(s) are autoflower, they should start showing signs of budding pretty early. a ruderalis plant only gets about two feet tall or so, and are normally done in 2 months. Sgroe- do u happen to have any pics? that would help determine what u have.

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