rubermaid clone/veg box??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jmanja420, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. hey all, just looking for some info on assembling a rubbermaid grow box for cloning/veg

    wondering if anyone has any guides, words of wisdom or some quick easy steps to throw my way on how to assemble an efficiant grow box

    i have the box and two 27wt 6500k cfl,

    im planning on making clones and putting them into the box until they root, then vegging my clones in it as well

    help is greatly appreciated

    cheers dudes:smoking:
  2. get more clfs...esspecially if your growing more than one plant...

    i hate to say it but ideally there should be give or take 6 lights per plant when it comes to clf
  3. im confident in my lighting abilities after starting my first grow with two of these bulbs + 43wt all the way through veg with no prob

    see here:

    i will get more lighting later as veg picks up of course

    but right now im concerned about assembling this box to get me through clones to the first week of veg or so until im able to purchase more equipment

    im only doing 2-4 clones for this set up, my girlfriend clones and has 100% success so she will be doing it for me :)

    im just looking for general principles on how the rubbermaid grow box is set up, i will always make alterations as time goes on


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