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Rubbing shatter on lips?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WeaveAndWish, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Is it possible to get high off shatter by applying it to the lips/gums with a fat solvent such as coconut oil ? I recall seeing you could, i mean it's concentrated enough to mix in with the oil and be absorbed and i've heard of thc lips balms so I know it /can/ be administered this way.

    Any experience or thoughts on this? I have only like half a g of it so i don't want to waste much testing.
  2. I bet it won't work. If you do it you'll need to decarb first.
  3. you cant be serious can you? why would you even want to do that? thats like absorbing thc through your bloodstream.
    just fucking smoke it? LOL??? and no you cannot.

    it is concentrated but thc has to reach a certain temperature before it activates and can get you high.
  4. It's like like absorbing it into the blood is absorbing it into the blood stream...that's the point. THC does not have to reach a temperature to be activated. It just have to bind to soluble material. HIgh in fat.
  5. Thc still needs to be activated

    God Bless the Harvest
  6. Well, I could heat it up to activate it? I feel like that would work.
  7. Look up the temperatures thc is activated. I doubt you will want to put that......well go ahead it definitely would get "into" your blood

    God Bless the Harvest
  8. You're not going to get high that way. If you want to eat it first decarb at 240F until all reaction ceases and then add coconut oil and lecithin if desired, and eat. Rubbing it on your lips will not get you high. People use topicals for pain relief and medicinal properties, like treating diabetic nerve pain or skin cancer.
  9. Never tried it. I'm thinking it won't work, but.......
  10. If that's the case you could just mix weed with peanut butter and eat it like that.

    Wrong. It HAS to reach a certain temp go turn the THCA into THC while binding to fat.

    Just smoke it.....

    If you can't win the game, if you can't solve the puzzle; then you're just another loser.
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  11. It doesn't need to bind to fat, THC is already pure oil and can be absorbed by our guts all by itself. And it decarbs on it's own without heat given enough time so technically it doesn't HAVE to reach a certain temperature to decarb, heat just speeds up that process a couple of years or so.
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  12. lol
  13. Ok. I never tried rubbing on my lips with butter BUT I got a tiny bit stuck on a needle I couldn't get off so I just put it in my mouth and let it stay in my gums...and I don't know if it was placeobo or what, as it was a ridiculously small amount ...

    But I felt something. That feeling of a body high coming and then a fine mellow feel.

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