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rubbing alcohol/resin

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by nicolerrico, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. just let me get this straight, i want to make sure this is okay.

    if i want to clean my bowl, i can use rubbing alcohol, and then drain the rubbing alcohol into a coffee strainer, and dry it out and i can smoke that resin?? it wont make me sick or anything?? if so, i know i can get a LOT more resin out of the bowl!
  2. I wouldn't be comfortable with the fact that I'm smoking resin which was doused in iso, which quite possibly didn't evaporate completely.
  3. If you let the alcohol evaporate. I'm not sure how, but someone else on here should give the right answer.
  4. If the alcohol evaporates, yes. But it can be very dangerous if it has not when you ignite the lighter!
  5. how long ya think it will take to evaporate??
  6. just let it evaporate, i wont make you sick. heres a question tho, if iso is meant to be put in open cuts (which will easilly bring it right into your bloodstream), how is it bad to inhale?
  7. Heat your bowl and scrap out the resin.
    Clean your bowl.
    Enjoy Resin.

    Why would you even bother risking it?
  8. ^I do the exact same.
  9. 91 - 99 percent iso only, and leave a fan on for hours after on it's lowest setting going over the top.

    No smoking, don't drink it, and be patient.
  10. [quote name='"twilly123"']just let it evaporate, i wont make you sick. heres a question tho, if iso is meant to be put in open cuts (which will easilly bring it right into your bloodstream), how is it bad to inhale?[/quote]

    Iso evaporates relatively quickly, but to be safe I would probably let it sit out overnight, with a fan pointed in the general direction to keep air flowing.
  11. That's so fucking gross.

    Only use Iso if you just want to plain old clean it and get rid of all the resin.

    Get a paper clip, clean it, and smoke the rez.
  12. i say smoke the resin raw. just fish it out with a bobby pin. if you want a clean pipe then us alcohol and salt then rinse it the hold flame to the mouth piece. a flame may cannon out but your fine
  13. im VERY VERY bad at scraping resin.. usually i dont get much and ive broke quite a few peices by trying this.. i usually just use alcohol and watch all my resin go down the drain... so if theres any way i can save my resin so i can smoke it.. would be amazing. i HATE watching all my resin go down the drain!
  14. Or you can gently boil your piece in water and pour the water through a coffee filter ... same outcome and you don't have to buy/waste rubbing alcohol.
  15. Let it sit overnight and make sure there aren't any big globs that wont evaporate fully on the filter.

    The danger in not letting it evaporate is that its flammable, but inhaling small amounts of iso wont make you sick, infact, its sometimes used in hospitals to wake people who have been put under and are taking to long to come out of it (like smelling salts do).

    Its uncomfortable when you do it and it makes you cough (like when you inhale the ethanol vapor out of a shotglass with a straw at the bar *if people even do that anymore*) but it wont poison you unless youre huffing it out of a soaked rag
  16. Just clean it out.
    Thank your piece for leaving that resin out of your lungs.
  17. It's safe. Drain it through the strainer then spread it out on something flat to let it dry faster/better.
  18. Iso shouldn't take more than like 8- 12 hours to completely evaporate.
  19. NO.
    You do that with keif or something of high quality, and make a sort of hash out of it.

    Doing that with resin would just get you a nasty, stinky mess. Which could be VERY dangerous if ingested.
  20. ^he's lying. You'll be fine.

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