Rubbing Alcohol in Ashcatcher/Precooler

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  1. I feel like this would minimize my cleaning seshes. Am I just high?
  2. [quote name='"twonfon"']I feel like this would minimize my cleaning seshes. Am I just high?[/quote]

    Keep in mind you use alcohol because its good at absorbing basically anything, including thc. Keep in mind you use water because it absorbs things but not thc.

    Despite the obvious fact youd be inhaling alcohol fumes, you wouldnt even get nearly as high.
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    Doo it! Youll get like 10x higher off the alcohol fumes.
    Hell, you won't even need to pack it to get high
  4. ^Read the post above you haha total opposites. I wonder who he'll believe
  5. No response...let's all hope he didn't kill himself with the alcohol

    BUT, one time I was cleaning my SG stemline and it wasn't very dirty so the iso didn't turn brown and was still clear...i let it soak over night and left it sitting on my table in my living room (i didn't mean to do this i forgot some how). The next morning i picked it up and without thinking hit it with no weed just to feel the drag-less pull of my beastly tube and forgot it had 91% iso in it and not water. I got fucking lightheaded and felt like a dumbass...stupidest thing i've ever done. Almost passed out. Probably knocked a good year or two off my total life span lol
  6. Please don't do this. Highdeas aren't always the best ideas.
  7. Wow. Hopefully this is a troll.

    Lol kaleb, I've done something similar..

    My friends bong was a beaker base with tree perc. But the stem was stuck. So you had to pour ISo and salt through the stem to get it in. I poured a bunch of salt in and it got stuck. Iso wouldn't pour through so I sucked from the mouthpiece. I had to do it super hard because it was really stuck. Salt came through and I took a pretty big breath of iso fumes. Got super light headed and almost yakked. Fuck iso lol

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