Rubbermaid grow Scrog????????

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tretresix, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I've been thinking about growing and I'd probably do a rubbermaid grow to start if I ever do.

    I've seen people use scrog in a rubbermaid grow.

    My question is how can you do scrog in a rubbermaid and avoid over watering??
  2. cut holes for drainage in the rubbermaid.
  3. Most people growing in rubbermaids have them sitting in their rooms ans shit so I don't think thats the answer lol
  4. I'm not expert but why cut holes in the bottom, elevate the rubbermaid a few inches and have a drainage pan/container below?
  5. How would you drain with multiple rubbermaids in rows? Use the lid as a drain tray?
  6. The lid could work (I think). Most of the drainage happens immediately after watering anyway, so just make sure to empty the tray shortly thereafter. As long as the rubber maid is sitting in something that is an inch deep you are golden.

    To ensure proper drainage elevate the rubbermaid with a couple 2X4s or something like that.

    It's definitely possible to do this. Improvise.

    I'm assuming this is a soil grow.
  7. Coco, was gonna do soil. XD LOLlol imma get water every where, i just imagined me trying to pour the run off from a lid to a bucket XD i prob need a better solution
  8. Im trying to think of the same solution! I have two 18 gallon's stackd on top of eachother..just built a scrog net for it today..Im trying to think of the most "less" pain in the ass way to drain? If I figure somethin out..I'll hit ya up
  9. I figure you can just find one with a deep lip on lid, or place one inside another with wood blocks in the bottom one so there's a gap for water between the 2, but i might just put a 4 section diver in 5gal buckets. if i do individua! buckets itll cost me 60$ just on pots!!!

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