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  1. Hey guys, I'm about 3 weeks in to my first grow. I set up a little grow box using a rubbermaid 18 gallon tote. My plant is 3 weeks from seed and is supposedly some mango kush. The only problem is that the first set of true leaves are yellowing and I'm not sure why. They began yellowing very early on, maybe about after the first week. They seem to be the only leaves yellowing (besides the water leaves) and tho they've been yellow for over two weeks now, it has not interrupted new growth. Please let me know what you think.

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  2. cool setup...looks like a little burn from soil that's either too hot(nutes) or too acidic..creating low ph.

    ..they look like they're pulling through though. :)
  3. Thanks. The soil is just some organic miracle grow 10-5-5. As for light, I have (3) 23w 6500k, (2) 23w 2700k and (1) 23w 3500k. Any suggestions would be nice.
  4. Thats is a great idea and set up you got!!
  5. I have received some advice from another grower so I've altered my setup just a bit. Here are some changes:

    1. I removed all light but 2 26w 6500k's
    2. Put plant closer to lights
    3. I'm letting the soil dry a bit.
    4. Since I removed all other bulbs the temp. is fluctuating between 82 and 88.

    Hopefully this will help my baby.

    Please keep commenting, all advice is appreciated.

  6. Could you post a video or something that shows how to make this??

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