Rubbermaid Design Question

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by HighMountainSkier, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Hey GC,

    If you look at the 1st link in my sig, you'll see some of the construction on my Rubbermaid grow box. It's a pretty good design but I had a hard time keeping the temps under 90*F.

    I'm going to build a 2nd one for cloning, as I don't think I'll be able to grow in the summer (so I've gotta grow me enough to last last). I'm just growing for personal use.

    Growbox #1 has (2) 3" intake holes, one of them has a 80mm computer fan on it. There's a 120mm computer fan for exhaust with a makeshift charcoal filter.

    On #1, I'm using this fan - - COOLER MASTER R4-C2R-20AC-GP 120mm Case Fan - Case Fans
    19 dba / 80 CFM's It's pretty quiet, but does make some noise.

    On #2, I'm thinking of using 2 of these - - Scythe SY1225SL12SL 120mm "Slipstream" Case Fan - Case Fans
    7.5 dba / 24.5 CFM's. This would be much quieter.

    I'm also going to use a larger passive intake system (yet to be designed) of 2 4” pipes (currently using 2 3”). Do you think it will move enough or am I over-analyzing 12 dba in loudness (24 really, since there will be 2 of them).

    I used the Scythe fan on one of the input tubes on #1, and that fan doesn't make a sound and it will draw air through the charcoal filter.

  2. hay man look at my sig. i run a 80mm on intake and a 120mm exhuast and at 80 deg. i had to put in a sealing fan to help move the air though. my box is really tight inside, and the sealing fan makes my plants just quiver.
  3. I've seen your grow journal. My box runs fine, until I put in the carbon filter. That heats it up a lot. Check mine out when you get a chance. I've decided to build a 2nd one for clones.
  4. yea seen your grow too killer i like thats it in the crawl space, i wouldnt have a home if my found mine, even though its in plane site. no one goes back in my space of the house, at the most she just hallers from the other room:cool:
  5. Anyone else have any ideas on my noise vs. cfm debate? I'd like to get my NewEgg order in today.

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