Rubbermaid CFL Stealth Grow with C99

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    Hello everyone its been a bit since I've made posts, been busy with college and work had a few days off so I finally got started on building my stealth grow box out of rubbermaid containers. I have yet to order seeds but I will being going with C99 from, as I have read it is a fairly quick grow and that it is not overly difficult. I have not ordered the seeds and will be doing so shortly. At the moment I have one Sour Diesel or Blackberry Kush, I put my 2 bags together and am not really sure which is which flowering in the container, and my Blackberry Kush Plant is going to my friends to become a mother plant (and the other plant flowering will be flowered there as well to start my plants If people would like I'll keep them posted on that plant as well). I figured although my C99 grow has yet to start I could begin the journal and show the plants that I have at the moment. This is my set up pics will follow description.

    -2 30 gallon Rubbermaid totes
    -2 1' foot pvc intakes at the bottom
    -2 4" pvc outtakes each using 1 80mm fan each
    -8 23w CFL bulbs
    -2 timers
    -1 powerstrip
    -1 12v cable to some light I wired to the fans
    -And I lined it with tinfoil. Yes I know why its not as good as mylar or white, it was a time crunch thing as I am moving in several days hopefully, school is starting back up work and a bunch of other things just made me do a quick tin foil job but it will be modified next grow. As you can see I'm telling you what I have done wrong so its not really worth saying I should fix. But if there is anything else I can fix let me know I appreciate everyone's input as I have only done 2-3 grow undocumented because it was nothing special.

    My temperature is running a bit high with lights on at a stead 90 degrees I'm thinking of either a water plate to absorb the heat like I do when grilling pulled pork for a day, or a fan to get the hot air down top to the bottom as the thermometer is about a half foot below the lights which are just beneath the lid. Input on that would be great.

    I guess I'm going to post this if it is soon either shut the thread down or let it die I suppose not really sure how it works on here. If it stays feel free to give positive or negative remarks, although if it is negative adding a constructive tip to it would be great. Think I'm gonna go jam :smoking: Take it easy everyone.

    Damn forgot to put this in and not really sure where to throw it in soooo
    P.S I have no idea how many plants to do if I should SCROG it or what not so that would be awesome as this is my first Rubbermaid set up, I have no idea what to expect for a yield it will be a new strain and a new set up so lets just say a gram per watt :p just kidding, but I do know there is only one way to find out so keep an eye out for this thread in the future

    P.S take two the unknown plant in the picture was kept under a glow panel 45 LED by the way wilted a bit as no one was around to water it for a bit but other than that it is a healthy female, I'll get pictures of the Blackberry Kush in a bit

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  2. could probably lower your temps if you exaust from the very top of your cab...since heat rises, the higher the better....and maybe even bigger holes where the fresh air comes in.
  3. That is true I'm just trying to think of a way to make it stealthy right now a closet was fine because I knew my apartment neighbors and the landlord, where I'm moving I won't and I'd like to remain as stealthy as possible. I think now I may have a brainstorming session to see if I can figure out a way to make your idea work.

  4. could probably run some tubes inside the cab :confused_2:
  5. I'm just thinking of large amounts of holes in the structure, maybe run tubes and put another smaller tote (several gallons perhaps?) on top of that and vent that out the back?

  6. ...I think your onto something! :smoking:
  7. Haha when in doubt stack more boxes! Hopefully soon I'll be going legal. My psychiatrist supports me using it for my Bipolar as my meds get me within normal emotions but swings violently between that and a kush is nice to slow me down and a sativa to pick me up, but in my state they can only give it for depression and not bi polar disorder , and although my back pain is controlled reasonably well I feel that maybe it might "slip" and go for a card for back pain instead, as I personally feel that my emotional stability is more important, and bud will help my back out.
  8. So I went to get a fan to solve the heat issue and when I went to wire it I failed to notice the cord I was using was for 120v instead of 12 and zapped the motor instantly, so back to best buy tomorrow.
  9. Tried a 3 third fan blowing air out the top and that did nothing to help so I reversed it so it is taking in air from the top and pushing it to the bottom which is really cool, and there is a water jug to absorb excess heat hopefully.
  10. Finally I have internet back in my life. Bailed on the c99 and will stick with the kush plants until they are done. I have another project that I plan on becoming slightly more invested in until my next grow. Will have pictures up soon, one of the buds is developing quite a bit faster than the others, I think it is a temp issue but I now have the temperatures in the 84-85 degree range when the lights are on will this be ok?
  11. Bi-polar is maniac depressive, I'd be bloody surprised if you wouldn't be able to apply for depression.
  12. Perhaps it would be worth looking around for, I figured they back one would be pretty straight forward. Harvesting the short plant Wednesday and the taller one the following Wednesday, will put more pictures up this afternoon even thought it will be shitty lap top pictures.

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