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    Alright so here's whats up:
    Seeds: Seedsman Seeds Haze Mix from Attitude
    • Original Haze
    • Skunk Haze
    • Indian Haze
    • Columbian Red Haze
    • Sugar Haze
    • G13 Haze

    The seeds all came in one baggie, so I don't know which is which. I'm excited for them all though!

    My lighting: 3x6500k:100w equivalent; 1x2700k:150w equivalent. At first it wasn't strong enough and too far away so the plant stretched, its been looking good lately.

    My box is just a gray rubbermaid container, I've got my lights on a power strip mounted with zip ties, holes cut and using an air purifier as ventilation. It works for now.

    Temps read 75-80 lights on, 70 lights off.

    Fox Farms Ocean Grow as my soil, no nutes yet although I plan on the Fox Farms trio later on.

    My first sprout was an autoflower critical + feminized, but sadly it died as a seedling, its cup was knocked over a few too many times.

    This plant sprouted about a week ago, the others were put in soil but haven't sprouted yet. Here is a few pics:


    Before I flower I will be moving them to a bigger container, and I will be adding a better lighting/ventilation system as they grow. I have put 2 other seeds in soil recently.
  2. Bump, anyone got any input? Does it look healthy for a week old plant? It just started its next set of leaves and another seed popped, I'll post a pic as it gets a little bigger
  3. Day 8: The oldest plant has developed alot over night, a sproutling is just reaching up to the light in another cup, and my 3rd seed has a little taproot going, it was exposed to the light so I covered it up.

    I also cut drainage holes in all of my cups, the biggest plants root system has really started to fill out the bottle it is in.

    Pictures of the oldest plant to follow, the sprout is just your average < day plant

    The leaves are spiraling a bit, you may be able to tell from the 2nd pic, is that unhealthy?

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  4. Sub'd. Your pics are mad blurry. Back the camera up. They look healthy. Check out my grow if you get the time!
  5. Thanks, and I will. I'm a horrible photographer, figured it was just our camera, I'll try and have them perfected by the time I get to flower.

    I can't wait to start topping and LST'ing this baby, just need to transplant it first in about 5 days from now (day 14).
  6. So I just transplanted the biggest plant, I need some help! If some of the roots were ripped during the transplant (by some, I mean the lower half). Will it still survive? Its roots had completely encompassed the water bottle so I tried putting it in a bigger styrofoam cup, but since the bottle had ridges it proved to be quite difficult.

    Here are some pics of the plant I just transplanted, the youngest plant has sprouted and is in the process of shedding its seed case, and the other is a little baby with its first set of leaves and no stretching.

    If it does live after this transplant, then the cup should be big enough for a little LST, any advice when to start topping?

    Note: The leaves look yellowish due to the cameras flash, in reality they are just plain green

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  7. What up. Is this a first time grow. So far all of my crops have been grown from fox farms full line. So I know it well. I have recenltly changed my whole grow paradime so I don't grow that way any more. Did you plant your seedlings in the ocean forest soil?

    My last crop was grown with fox farm if you want to see my results I put a link in my sig.
  8. Yessir this is my first grow, and I've already learned not to put a seedling in a ridged bottle or lose half the plants roots during transplant:(

    I put them directly into the FFoF soil, thats where they germed and are growing.

    You got alot of experience growing?
  9. I've got plenty of experience growing with Fox Farm. But like I said I changed my grow paradime to growing organicly so when it comes to that there is still a lot I've got to learn. But when it comes to Fox Farm yeah, I've masterd that shit. So if you need any help I'm here.
  10. how much can you yeild in a rubbermade?
  11. Right now I'm just scared for my plant that probably lost half of its roots during transplant:(

    Kupkake: depends on how big the rubbermaid is, lights, soil, strain, etc.
  12. I use a seed starter soil for my seedlings. Fox Farm has light warrior seed starter soil. The Ocean Forest can burn seedlings.
  13. Oh my seedlings look great, growing decently fast and no signs of a problem.

    I planted a bagseed from mids in a 2 liter, I figure it will be ready to harvest faster than my pure sativa's so it's kind of just for fun to see what I get, not really concerned with its quality or yield.

    The transplanted plant that lost half of its roots is still alive I think, its still the same green color and may have grown a bit. Its weird because it has a smell to it already, its hard to describe, but if I had to describe it I'd call it Asian
  14. I'm just saying Ocean Forest can burn seedlings. I'm subbed feel free to ask any questions.
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    Your growing Hazes in a rubbermaid setup? :eek: I wish you luck man...

    edit: What made you decide to go with lower yielding, tall and stretchy sativas instead of higher yielding, more compact indicas?
    and thats a classy avatar by the way:laughing::rolleyes:
  16. Yea, guess I've been lucky so far, maybe this little bagseed will get burned because of its lack of strong genetics.

    Any idea on my transplanted plant? About half of its roots were lost during it so I'm not sure, it seems to have taken hold but I haven't seen any new growth, or signs of a problem. Next time I'm gonna get my mom to help me she's got experience with this.
  17. My experience with damage to roots is stunted growth, and stress. It's a little to early for me to comment on it. It's still alive. First time grows are a big learning experience.
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    Yep, I figure with LST and a short veg time I can keep them small and bushy. I'm more worried about the long flower time than size, originally I was supposed to be in my new house so I'd have more room, but that didn't work out so I've got this.

    Where are you getting the info that they're lower yielding? Sativa's can be kept in a bush through LST as well. But mainly because I prefer the sativa high to an indica's.

    Thanks, I think my avatar adds character to my posts

    @farmdawg: Yea, I wouldn't be too worried if it was like a quarter of my roots lost, but when I lost half I was just like "fuckkk" but I think the roots have started growing again, its getting a little droopy as if it was overwatered so I figure it may be good. And that would make sense because I watered it extremely thoroughly right after the transplant.
  19. Update: Well, looks like my big plant may not have died! I think it shot out a new set of leaves from one of its lower nodes. It does have a brown tip on one corner of one leaf, but I'm going to hope its a problem with the nutrients.

    The other 2 look fine, put soil around them so now the leaves are almost to soil-level.

    No pics because, well, nothing exciting has happened. Hopefully the big one will start back growing fast, or the little ones will catch up.

    Pretty sure the bagseed has a taproot going, smoked like a heavy indica, could be because of shitty growing, harvesting, and curing though.
  20. is that gunn be your flowering lights? you should flower them one they root cause they will strech alot in flower. and if your not getting around 80 watts per foot then youll have fluffy buds for sativa, like mine was under a 600w but im no pro so im sure i could have done better. just wondering cause you could get a mh warehouse light for like 30 bucks and there flower just as good strain depending of course

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