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  1. Hey fellas so I just found a rubbermaid container in my Garage now its go time.

    I took pictures of its size, I just want to micro grow, nothing big just lst personal use and because its exciting lol.

    I think what I'll do first is get some light reflecting material all over. Then make a hole for the exhaust. Not sure how I will ventilate the inside, might put a very small fan in side so I won't have to make two holes. The lighting will probably be just like the PC grow box. Any advice would be great!

    BTW let me know if its too small! The ruler in the picture is a standard 12' inch. I put in pictures of my PC to show how they are exactly the same height yet the rubbermaid is also exactly twice the width of the PC.

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  2. your still going to need an intake. otherwise you wont have shit for circulation if its trying to suck and blow out the same hole lol....and cfls still get fairly warm so you will want some good airflow....100 cfl watts raised the temp in my box a good 5 degrees ontop of my 400 watt hps so i took that shit out. and be careful cutting the holes, one slip cutting something fairly thick like that with a utility knife and you can run that blade across your other arm so quick you wont know what happened.....just tryin to keep you safe and point you in the right direction.
  3. are you trying to plant your pot in the container? or have it in a bucket-> in the rubbermaid with lights on top?

    your def. going to have to lst, cause a flowering plant will not fit if growing vertically.

  4. happend to me, almost lost the tip of my middle finger. how would i have flipped people off?!
  5. lol, it happened to me and i caught myself right in the forearm, ive used alot more dangerous tools in my life than a fuckin utility knife but they can get fairly nasty in a hurry.
  6. I'm convinced about the Intake now, and i'll definitely watch out with the cutting. I've cut a lil chunk of my finger from working at a deli cleaning the slicers lol. I also have to be cautious about the smell. I'm guessing I should have carbon padding between the two fans, and some gel or w/e it is lol?

  7. I've seen some pretty tiny plants on youtube, and thats what I'm aiming for maybe veg for a month hardcore lst, and then flower until they are close to the top I'm guessing.
  8. if you keep em small you should be fine, temps and light leaks will be your biggest problem.
  9. The light leakage out of the box wont be a big deal, the grow box will be tucked into my closet. However I don't want a fire lol. I will probably put a third fan, facing the lights? It would probably be a tiny fan, or should I put pepsi glass right under the lights to absorb some heat?
  10. id probly get a fan blowing across them. thats half the reason why i dont like cfls, its got alot more places where you could get a short with multiple cfls than just one big light. i also have a fire extinguisher right beside my bed lol. as long as you set it up clean and run your wires real nice and dont overload a circuit you should be fine. a pepsi glass will do no good for your issue, if anything it would build up alot more heat around the bulb, cfls need to breathe, notice the holes on the ballast at the base of the bulb in the center.
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  12. thats pretty much the same fan i have inside of my cab it just blows on the plants though, oscillating fans are more ideal but i dont have the space and neither will you unless you find a kickass tiny one....and if you do let me know lol.
  13. thats probly doable if you spliced it with a 12v plug in. i like the one i have for now just fine, and my big exhaust fan pulls hard enough that the plants all get a nice wiggle from the vortex it creates inside lol.
  14. I dont know how i would wire a pc exhaust fan. The non pc exhaust fans are expensive man.
  15. a booster would probly work for the cfl situation. i went with the 6" high velocity inline from htg.

  16. Would I put that booster facing the cfl's right at the top ? also I think I'm going to use Velcro for the sticking, and holding of virtually everything in the box.
  17. id probly use the booster to pull air out of the box , if you can have it so it has to pull air over the cfls first that would be ideal imo. idk about the boosters though, never used one.

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