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  1. I added some more lights to help bring up the temperature.

    It's like a chandelier man


    We're at 88F right now; i'm going to try to keep it around 85F

    Some of the leaves are opening back up and seem to be come back to. I'm going to go ahead and remove the duds.
  2. Looking good man love the chandelier!

    In my experience so far i have found 18/6 better. I also fumbled around with lighting schedule and i seen the most growth with 18/6. Gota let them sleep bro its good for everyone!
  3. hopefuly I will have my rubbermaid up and running by the weekend. Hang in there budy, lets see some pics of the baby ladies..
  4. The leaf taco in seedlings is likely caused by too much heat or too much/intense light.

    Could be caused by pH issues and Mg deficiency, but this early on, its more likely a lighting issue.

    Personally, I'd unscrew the closest 4 bulbs until they get bigger. They're just developing a root system now and do not need intense lighting until veg actually begins.
  5. I think you're right highonthehill...i just checked on them and they look worse. Judging by the colour of the leaves would you say there's anything else wrong i did? The pH should be fine and the temps never went above 90. I added quarter strength nutes yesterday, is that too much/too early? I'm beginning to germinate some more seeds because these guys seem kaput :'(



  6. Way to early for nutes in my opinon.........
  7. When is a good time to start?
  8. I have read and been told by many to start after the first set of leaves die off..... I may be wrong as im new to this.
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    Yeah, too early. Straight water for a few weeks. I always say to let the plants tell you when they're hungry. I'd guess once they have 3 leaf sets.

    Here's a picture of my current grow, back in late October. This is right around when I'd start feeding with like 1/4 strength nutes. And then, carefully. Mine weren't looking too healthy right here, combination of early over fert and over watering.


    I don't see any over watering symptoms on yours, but make sure you're not doing that either. Next time they need water, make sure they get plenty of run-off to flush those nutes you fed out. I don't know what your watering schedule has been like, or how much you water, so I don't want to tell you to flush now, and risk damping off the young plants.

    Do your thoroughly saturate your soil? If you've been keeping it relatively dry, go ahead and flush. But if you water until saturation each time, I'd wait until it dries out.

    Try to drop the temps down to around 77f, open up that intake or whatever it was that you blocked off I think. I'd almost bet that those leaves will flatten out once the temps drop. They might develop a little burn on the tips, but nothing to freak out about. Just 1/4 strength nutes, no biggie.

    Didn't see what kind of soil you were using either. A lot of soils do have nutrients already mixed in, if that's the case here you probably won't be needing to feed them through most of veg.
  10. Thanks for the input, i'll definitely keep the temps down a little more and see if they don't get better. I water them once the top inch is dry. Last time i watered with just water and they're still moist so hopefully that will flush them.

    Thanks for the continued input, it's really really helpful
  11. No problem man, I'm along for the ride. Keep an eye on 'em and if they start drooping like mine are in that previous post, stop watering them so often. I'd personally wait until more than the top 1" is dry, because when the soil dries up, the roots are forced to search for water, so they grow.

    A lot of times when the top 1" is dry, the bottom 3" is still plenty wet. If you keep watering, your plants will start to droop (and actually look thirsty) and if it continues, they'll dampen off/develop root rot. You'd essentially be drowning your plants. Watering once or twice too early doesn't hurt, but its a continuous process. This is hands down THE most common mistake new growers make. Hell, I've been growing for years and I still do it occasionally with seedlings.

    I think the best way to water early on is by weight. If you have any left over dry soil around, put 'em in one of your cups to the same level those are in, and pick it up and get a feel of how much that weighs. Then compare that to the ones your plants are in. You want to wait until those cups feel like the dry cup before you water again.
  12. So basically i concluded that my biggest problem was too much light too early. I went a little crazy with the socket splitters hehe...

    Only one baby made it through the night and seems to be pulling through. I'm gunna keep goin with this baby just for practice and experience.

    I'm going to go ahead and end this journal and start a new one soon, this time i'll do it when my plants are a little more grounded ;) thanks for those who subbed.
  13. Well keep us updated! Sorry to hear about the plants, but if you LST that one you have, and it turns out to be a girl....

    You'll yield just as much as all of them combined. Just have to veg a little longer.

    I'm not sure how/why they died so suddenly? Are you sure they're actually dead? They weren't light burnt, and I don't think heat stress would have killed them that quickly. So I'm wondering if they didn't dampen off due to over watering. Did the stems just go limp and they fell over?
  14. Yeah i was thinkin about spoiling this one fighter with all of my attention.

    I believe it was a combination of nutes too early and light stress because they were all limp and bent over and yellow/burnt looking.

    It's all good though, i put some seeds in a paper towel and they're already poking through. The circle of life :)
  15. The survivor


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