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  1. Tried the rubbermaid option and it turned out being a real pain to open and close, to light proof and mylar was impossible to get correct. Lighting was also tricky. Well I decided to do it right and it took the weekend but I got it about done. Just need to get the vents and fan going and I think it will be great. What do you guys think?

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  2. looks good, should be great :D
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    Shoot I thought it would be a lot easier to light proof but its diffacult for me. Anyone have any ideas? I ran weatherstripping around the doors but its not helping much. Thanks!
  4. Hey i have the same box, check the link in my sig. Im currently in 12/12 and i have light problems too, what i'm doing right now is putting a black sheet over the box with some clothes/shoeboxes/junk all around it ( helps cause it looks stealthier too ).

    you had 3/16'' stripping right? it seems to be pretty good for the middle of the doors and top/bottom, but the only problem i have is the corners. the bottoms ones i have junk piled on the floor and the top i have jeans on it. my concern is if light leaks in my exhaust fan, theres a 90 degree angle from my carbon filter and my closet doors are closed, but they dont close completely ( sliding doors ) so i hope thats alright for now.

    i'd take some pics but there in the 12hrs of darkness right now, if u need help let me know.
  5. I got mine about 99% light proof but it took a lot of different size weather stripping foam from home depot to make it work. I used the thinnest they had around the sides of the door and then I used some thicker stuff on the back of the doors hanging over the edge to finish it off. Worked pretty well I get a few cracks of light every now and again but I readjust the weather stripping and it usually fixes it.

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