Rubbermaid 1st grow chamber questions. Thx for advice! :)

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    So after much consideration I've decided to start my first grow utilizing rubbermaid boxes as my grow chamber and cfl lights as my lighting. I decided on the rubbermaid system because its easily modable and its cheap-and I can easily line it with Mylar/aluminum tape. I wan to install 1-2 charcoal filters on it.
    I have a few questions that I need some quick clarification on regarding rubbermaid boxes. I'm growing only 1-2 plants max with possible scrog method.

    I've read rubbermaid boxes get hot-so I'm going to have a fan on the bottom blowing up towards the top (exhaust) port-then through the filter. There will also be an oscillating fan as well. I'll prob rig up an additional couple of computer speakers as well, not 100% sure yet. Any ideas on best air circulation system for a rubbermaid grow chamber (w/ filter included)??

    For lighting I'm tossed between several setups and need opinions on them.
    I want to run ~6700k for the vegetative state, then switch to a ~2700k for flowering state. I'm trying to figure out the best way--for plans I have so far:
    *4-40watt cfls (~160watt) option 1.) run all 4 @ 6700k then switch to 2700k. Option 2.) run 2 @ 6700k and 2 @ 2700k at same time for vegetative and flowering stage? (or switch all to 2700k in flowering state).

    *2 40 watt cfls+flood lamp [in center of light rig]? (dunno if a flood lamp is a good idea? I would think it would cover a good surface area?

    *1-125 watt cfl? or 1-250watt cfl?

    *Is a scrog method a good option with rubbermaid boxes? It would be hard to access plants unless I cut a access panel on the side of the box to access the branches for lst training--and drainage of fert. I want to max yield off plants and if scrog doesn't seem like a good idea what about tie down? Or just use stakes to manipulate the plants? I want to use lst to max yield.

    Last question:
    Should I run 150watts or 250watts? Keep in mind its a small grow area and its going to be only 1-2 plants (max).

    Thanks for any advice for this newbie!


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