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  1. I found out yesterday that my autistic younger brother (5) was threatened to go into a rubber room because he was not being good. We learned this when he came home crying and told us. Now my question is, is that even legal I mean the second I heard that I was furious that is absolutely not okay in my book.
  2. Illegal or not that's really messed up, if he had been doing something bad intentionally then he deserved to be punished like timeout but definitely not a "rubber room". If it was due to his autism then the teachers have to realize he can't help it. if they can't see the difference between the two, they shouldn't be qualified to watch or teach children with disabilities
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    That's your younger brother man.. Burn the fucking school down.

    In seriousness, that's fucked up. Confront them about it.

    And what's a rubber room?
  4. Thats like a padded cell.if they scared my wee bro or kid with that.
    I would go down to the school and beat the head with a rubber fukn hose!

    Where the fuck is this school.
    Victorian england lol

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  5. That's fucked up, I would contact the school (board) and complain.
  6. The hell is a rubber room? Can't find shit on google. When you google schools rubber room, all the results show that rubber rooms are for troubled/suspended teachers?
    I remember having a "rubber room" in our elementary school when I was a child, we called it the Pillow room and it was right next to where the milk stand was set up at lunch time. I don't know of any kids that were put in there, but when I asked the teacher what it was for she told me it was because sometimes special kids get so worked up and upset that they can hurt themselves or other people, so they put them in the room so they can't do that and then they calm down.
    I would think it would take a lot for them to put someone in there though, I remember one boy was special and he used to scream and throw things and follow the girls into the bathroom and try to pee with them, I think we were maybe 7. We were just told that Scott was a special boy and if he follows us into the bathroom to not be scared and to just get a teacher or take him by the hand and take him out of the bathroom and show him where the boys bathroom was because he would forget. He only followed me once, and it was scary because he was a good foot taller then everyone else, but once I grabbed his hand I realized he wasn't scary he was just lost.  People never feared Scott because they took the time to understand him and how he works, they did their best to make sure that people knew how to deal with him and to make sure that he got to be with the other kids as much as possible as a result.
    I would think that the vast majority of people like Scott would never need to be in a "Pillow Room".  If it came down to putting someone in a padded room for 5-10 minutes until they calmed down versus trying to restrain them and accidentally hurting them or causing more problems, I don't know what I would choose. I think in the end, you hope people have the right motives for whatever it is they do.
    I'm in Canada BTW, so I don't know maybe it is a British thing? I was learning in class recently that up until the early 70's they were sterilizing people in shelters in a city not too far from mine, and it was government run and sanctioned.  I think deep down, there are some pretty dark roots to the family tree.  
  8. Stay classy atheists.

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  9. That's not legal at all. There's a case like this in fresno right now. Hopefully that can set a precedent in supreme court.
    I'm sure there are other cases.
  10. nigga what
  11. I live in upstate new york. When my mother confronted them about they said that its for kids who are being "bad" and that kids even ask to be in their alone (bullshit). And to be clear a rubber room is like one of those white room where they would typically put people in with a straight jacket on in insane asylums. But IMO their is never a reason to put someone in a room like that. When kids got into huge fights in my school they were put in the in school suspension room a room with walls between desks.
  12. And on top of it all with him having a hard time being potty trained he some times has accidents and dedicates in his pants their have been days were my mom was over and hour away at a doctors apoitment and they called her to let her know he had an accident and she replied with so change him. She always leaves wipeys pull ups pants and underwear with him in his book bag and they leave him in his own shit for hours and won't do anything leave him standing up so he's not sitting in it
  13. my mom works for a school in upstate NY and up until recently they had "time out" rooms where they would put kids(elementary aged) in there who were acting up. i believe they did away with those rooms a couple years ago though. i dont think they are allowed anymore.
  14. they shouldn't be lol
  15. this is so fuckeed up, sue them.
  16. at the elementary and middle school i went to, we had a room like this....but it was one of the worst school systems, probably still is, and we had more than a handful of both mentally challeneged and crack/drug babies...the ghetto wasnt and isnt anywhere near prepared enough to handle these types of kids.
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    I've worked with extremely aggressive kids on the autism spectrum (not sure how severe your bro is) but we'd frequently use saferooms to stop kids who were at serious risk of hurting themselves or others. It's way better than restraining them or calling the cops or whatever.. Saferooms can be a good thing IME
  18. my little brother is fairly normal IMO he had a hard time talking didn't start til he was 4. He us just now forming full thoughts and questions and voicing them. My mom is a nurse and knew something was not right with him at like 8 months old because he wasn't like gibber gabbering like youngins do. He never gets to a point were we would ever consider restraining him more then just having him sit down or stand in a corner. But personally I think their should be specialty schools that are very small and more one on one based if they are going to have a room like that in a school to make sure its used properly and not like a regular oh your upset so go in this rubber room for a little while I don't agree with that scenario.
  19. And when my mother caught it early he had early intervention programs were people would come to the house and before he was even able to walk he was getting speech help and all sorts of other help
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    I used to get put into RPC (restricted placement class) it's like in school suspension for the period in high school. Same thing in middle school but it was called the penalty box, now it's the feelings room or some shit haha. I mean it's just getting kicked out of class, but if you change the walls to rubber it's different. Tell your brother to stop fucking around (disabities don't excuse ill mannered behavior, they are just a reasoning of why the person is going to be problematic)
    I feel like that might offend some people, oh well.

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