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  1. Anybody else on here like playing rainbow six vegas 2? I have been playing world at war for a while and got tired of all the modded controllers and second chance bullshit and started playing this game online again.

    For some reason I just like this game more than COD online. So many weapons to chose from with different attachments, and once you get used to it, having the cover system is nice. I used to think this game was super hard to play online because you die so easy, but with all the bullshit that happens in COD, vegas is actually pretty easy once you get going. Plus blasting people on villa with the 500 tactical and the laser sight is pretty damn fun.

    Anybody else that plays this game hit me up on XBL. Gamertag: SeanyCashman.
  2. I don't play RB6V2, I play RB6V the original. It's much better.

  3. Care to elaborate? Im not trying to be sarcastic I am just curious as to what exactly is better in the first one. Also, do people still play the original?

    I like having a sprint button, and I think the A.C.E.S. system in 2 is pretty slick. Plus all the custom armor and apparel is cool.
  4. Well it's not any major things. I just like the feel better. And yes, it has all the custom armor/apparel. But yea, there's a big cult following for the game, and it's only $15 at Gamestop. But now all people play is Team Sharpshooter on Casino Vault and Search And Defend(Maybe the name) on some map I forgot the name of. Oh yea and Terrorist Hunt on LVU Campus.

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