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Rso decarbing or evap does the job.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by InfamousTree, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. About to run 2 lbs of bud filled trim rso using 190 everclear do i need to decarb after i heat the alcohol off or is the tempature at which alcohol comes off good enough
  2. Most people decarb before soaking in alcohol, but decarb can be done after eliminating all the alcohol. Alcohol boils at a bit over 170 F, which isn't enough heat to decarb. Decarb in alcohol is probably different, but air decarb at 170 F would require at least 10 hours.
  3. @InfamousTree
    Decarb all that trim-bud first for best results.
    I done it both ways enough times to never run it without decarbing first. Open air decarbing in a 240 F oven for 40 minutes remains the best activation step for making tinctures or oils.
    I've never gotten as good a results trying to get it up to snuff if I fucked up and didn't decarb. Batches of hash, Bud and trim over the years get skipped during the day and I can always tell if I blew it as the caps are weak and short lived.
    I'm old and broken and this is medicine not rec and I need it to be strong as fuck to keep my medical issue at arms distance and not all up in my face like it wants to be.
    I'll keep looking for the decarb mass pics. It's usually an 8x8x2 inch metal pan filled with rough grind bud scraps left after I do my dry ice hash making.
    Decarbed in my trusty toaster oven on sawhorses on the patio. I'm sure my neighbors love this part.
    Freeze 190 proofand weed separately. Combine and shake 15 seconds and strain with potato ricer in small loads. I'll save this still wet weed to extract the remaining booze from later so back in the jars for now so it doesn't evaporate.
    My usual run as that's all the freezer space I can use. The bottles started full so what's missing is trapped in the spent-extracted weed. Call it a 1/3 of my very $$ alcohol.
    A 3 gallon pot still recovers the alcohol from both the wet weed and the tincture.
    Gooey tar at this point and I'll add some coconut oil to both make it easier to work with and to boost it's bio availability.
    Psst Decarb first 240 F for 40 minutes. :)
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  4. Is there anything wrong with using alcohol to thin it or help suspend it from the more sticky res like residue kinda help break down the oil to make it fluid like
  5. It just gonna be cooked with probably gummys
  6. That gunk is nearly impossible to work with.
    As you point out, adding some alcohol makes it much easier, and will cook off.
  7. I make my rso from decarbed material. I have made it without decarbing and noticed a major difference in potency, taste, and color. The decarbing seems to reduce the chlorophyll in your end product as I had some come out almost tan.

    I only do an ounce of herb at a time, boil it off in a small rice cooker and add a few tablespoons of coconut oil at the end.

    I administer a dose by smearing the oil onto a Oreo. Just enough to fill the pattern. I am thinking of trying caps for portability. I would also love to be able to recover some of my alcohol.
  8. I made a batch that i decarbed in the oven for 50 mins on 210° i havent had a chance to play with it but i got half a shot glass full how much is that as far as how many doses i having issues determining how much will make what
  9. There's a way to estimate potency. Assuming that your starting material was good 15% thc herb, then do the following (I'll assume 1 oz (28 g) original herb):
    (1) Calculate the total thc in the original herb. In this example, that's (0.15)*(28,000 mg) = 4200 mg thc.
    (2) Decide on a dosage. New users might need only 10 mg, average users 20 mg, high tolerance users more. Assuming 20 mg thc, the final product will contain (4200 mg thc)/(20 mg thc/dose) = 210 doses.
    (3) Use the right amount to make these doses. For example, if you wanted 16 brownies that each contains 20 mg thc, then you'd use enough to make 16 doses out of a possible 210, so you'd use 16/210 = 8% (close to 1/13) of the medicine. Exactly how to measure that is a separate issue.

    Your decarb was a bit short. 210 F requires almost 2 hours.
  10. Its trim tho not buds it was crispy dry
  11. Estimates I've seen give sugar leaves about half the strength of bud, and other trim about 1/4. Dry shouldn't be an issue. CuBud is usually around 20% water.

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