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RSO Cancer, Help.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Elruk, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Hi, thanks for reading

    My grandad has been diagnosed with cancer of the abdominal, lung, gland and bone. He has refused chemo as quality of life would be worse.

    We know we wont be able to cure him of this scum, but we have started him on RSO oil to help him with sleeping and eating which he is struggling with. I am really hoping that the RSO will slow the rate of growth and prolong his life, would I be right in thinking that?

    Could anyone please tell me any diets or anything else helpful that could help him... anything at all please help.

    I am trying to get him to do the 90 day course. Is RSO still good to use if its made out of "good trim"?

    Im in the UK and struggle to find good RSO as its very expensive aswell but I can hopefully get 60g to do the couse

    Anyone with info for me please comment or PM thanks
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  2. Using RSO or its equivalent will increase chances of survival, and definitely improve quality of life.

    Will you be making RSO yourself out of good trim?

    The higher the quality of the starting herb, the more RSO it can produce.
    You can make FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil, almost the same as RSO) yourself using dispensary flower and 190 proof alcohol.
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  3. Hi thanks for the reply

    Yes I will be making the RSO with the alchohol and trim. I just wanted to make sure the quality wasnt effected? I had the impression double or more the amount of trim to what you would use in flower?

    Its hard for me to get dispensary flowers and RSO with being in the UK. Dispensary flowers are extremely expensive. We pay double.
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  4. focusing on the omega fatty acids ( omega three) in diet will help how well he can make internal cannabinoids or process phytocannabinoids from plants . cannabis' phytocannabinoids are biologically active in the same cellular pathways that omega three metabolizes through,... the arachidonic acid cascade / arichidonate signalling system .
    here is a report on the connection - Deficiancy Abolish Endocannabinoid Function.pdf
    here are some cancer reports - phytocannabinoids in the treatment of cancers
    US20130059018A1 - Phytocannabinoids in the treatment of cancer - Google Patents
    anti cancer mechanisms of cannabinoids anti cancer mechanisms of cannabinoids at DuckDuckGo
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  5. UK you should be able to find a good grade of Hash to make high strength meds from.

    I make both RSO and Hash based edible oil and for cancer patients it's interchangeable for the most part.

    Decarb Hash = 240 F (115.5 C) for 40 minutes ( hash uncovered on cookie sheet in oven)
    5 grams Hash
    2.5 teaspoons Coconut oil
    1/2 teaspoon Lecithin
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes (104.4 C)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes (104.4 C)

    This makes a very potent edible oil and for new users I'd start with 1 or 2 drops ONLY !
    Wait 2 full hours to see just what it does. If no effects take 2-4 more drops. Wait another 2 full hours. Repeat as needed until effects are felt.
    Most of the people I've given this to need 4-6 drops in a capsule for a functional dose that lets them go about their day without being to stoned to function.

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  6. [​IMG]
    Two 15 gram piles of Kief-Hash just out of the oven from Decarb,
    Two dishes of Coconut oil and Lecithin.


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  7. And it helps to listen to stories from people who have taken cannabis for their cancer. I will provide link below. You start to see patterns of what people did with their diet and dosing. I believe it will give you more confidence with this whole thing.

    RSO or FECO works the same on just about all cancers as far as dosing and tumor killing affect. Sometime a person will have to take double. Sometimes they are able to kill the cancerous tumors before the dose it all done. Whatever the case, just constantly be on the lookout for good bud and although the trim is great, flowers are even better but don't stress if the leaves are all you have to work with.

    Good on you for being proactive and going for it with your Grampa in a country that is not legal. How's he doing with the "high" part of it? Cannabis Health Radio Podcast - YouTube
  8. Indica Flower makes the best RSO. I actually like a mix between Sunset Sherbert and Super Lemon Haze. The Sherbert is very sedative and the SLH has the limonene to kill cancer cells as well as a little sativa boost of energy.

    Dilute in size 00 capsules with coconut oil for desired dose. 1:1 is 1/2 gram. 3:1 is 1/4 gram. 7:1 is 1/8 gram. It is strong so I recommend to start light (1/16 dose) and double every 4 days depending on user experience. He can Vape CBD to try and lessen some of the psychoactive effects or take the doses anally, as they get better absorption and bypass the high

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  9. What is the amount of rso or feco what we want to make for the patients needs (2 liquid oz) ?
  10. 60 grams is a full course. Grain of rice is the starting dose size

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  11. So almost a pound of weed is needed to make the 60grams
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  12. @BrassNwood
    I don't have acess to hash or keif. So I am going to ground good indica bud in a coffee grinder. How much bud to how much oil?
  13. I'm going to usurp BNW's answer.
    Flower requires a lot more oil.
    Here's how I make caps that are about 20 mg thc each. Follow BNW's instructions, but use these amounts instead. The amount of lecithin can be within a wide range.
    (5 g HerbPowder) + (5 g Lecithin) + ( 26 g Oil) = 40*(20 mg THC Size00 caps) + (2 g waste)
    Each cap will hold about 0.85 g mixture.

    These are convenient for filling caps, and cutting off the tips might make them work better.
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  14. When I make bud oil on request I rub it through a fine mesh wire filter after the coffee bean grind. Helps smooth out the larger bits and helps flow in a small bore eyedropper.
    I use the same general ratio of oil to herb and step up the oil slightly if the result is to dry to eyedropper well.
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  15. if you can find a doctor to do it - try B17 and cannabis oil injected into the tumors - it works to kill the cancer quickly
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  16. Depending on potency yes. Ricks original recipe called for a pound but you’ll get by with less on today’s more potent flower

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  17. May I just say, he does have the power to cure himself! The medical profession wants us to think it's impossible. Eh, nope! We can command our cells to heal, rejuvenate, produce healthy ones. It's up to the individual to believe this also. When there is doubt, it simply doesn't work. Tell him to say this, out loud, in private to his cells:

    "Every cell in my body, I command you to heal yourselves and to produce healthy cells. I give you 12 weeks to heal this body."

    He must give them a timeline. Try it! What can it hurt? Do that, with a combination of what others are saying (good advice BTW) and see what happens. Remember, miracles happen because the human being believes they can. :) You got this!
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  18. If you can link up to some studies or anything about this, I would be very interested in reading. Thanks.
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