RPG's when stoned...

Discussion in 'General' started by retarded, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. I dont know about anyone else but i've become quite taken with this silly little online rpg called kings of chaos... I find that getting stoned and then randomly attacking other players is good fun...

    I dont know why I find this so entertaining but hey... whatever....

    Also I would be very grateful if fellow members of the city would help me to develop my two man army into something a bit bigger... to gain new people I need people to click on a link... would be very grateful :eek:)


  2. as much as i like rpgs and being stoned this verges on spam, at least you didn't just post the link and say it's something else like i've seen on other forums
  3. I dont know there is way too much reading to be playing rpgs when your stoned.
  4. shit we started with dungins and dragons when you still had to roll the dice.....

    and make the whole thing up in your head!
  5. I'll have you know that I played D&D for five years, and I didn't even have to be a geezer to do it :D
  6. burninated?


    ..dude i'm playin this game.

    gonna burninate someone.


    anyone here ever played Ultima Online or Everquest?

    i love RPGs. dunjuns and dragons with the old pen paper and dice is the best.
  7. Trogdor the Burninator!!!!!!!


    play this game!...BURNINATE! (note:dont try to attack the dudes with swords...step on the monk lookin dudes, and when you go into burninate mode, flame the buildings)

  8. fuck yes!!!

    not that i dont like newer rpg's final fantcy being my personal favorite....
  9. Told man I have to say that attacking your cammanding officer is a bit low... So I repaid the favour...

    Your soldiers march onto the battlefield

    Your generals report on your army's status:

    16 of your soldiers are trained attack specialists
    0 of your army consists of untrained soldiers
    All 16 of your trained soldiers receive weapons

    None of your 0 untrained soldiers have weapons

    Your field scouts report on the status of the enemy:
    The enemy has all 4 trained soldiers with weapons
    None of the enemy's 0 untrained soldiers have weapons

    Both sides charge!
    Your army strikes!

    Your troops inflict 2,606 damage on the enemy!

    The enemy sustains 0 casualties!

    Told's forces counter-attack and inflict 640 damage on your army!

    Your army sustains 0 casualties!

    You crunched the enemy!

    As Told's army runs from the battlefield you examine the collected spoils:
    You stole 185 gold from Told!
    You return to camp, your troops elated from your glorious victory.
  10. that whole umm king of chaos or whatever thingy convused me...i tyred to play...and i got confused

    and told's site kicks ASS! GO THERE!...AWESOMEDNESS!

    (and yah! show your ferret...ferrets kick ass! THEY RULE! lol)

    (on a side note...do you smoke your ferret out? that would be cool, if it wouldnt kill it...cuz they kick ass!)
  11. like dirty D to me there is nothin like the good ol' PnP RPG (Pen 'n Paper)

    I will try an mmorpg sometime, but not just yet (gotta find a job first)..
  12. thats cool man...so i guess youve turned him into an alcoholic ;)
    oh...and if you have a digital camer...please take a picture of him...i love ferrets...they do kick ass...i had one, but he got some disease and they had to put him to sleep.
  13. x was so much better than ix......

    but 7 and 8 are the best.....

    you know x2 is comeing out soon and xi is up and running online.....
  14. to me...the best FF is eithter that first one for NES (i dunno...i just like it) or 6...6 was the best actually (im my opinin)
  15. 3 (6 jap) on SNES was one of my favorites, probably second, but I'd say 7 takes the cake for my favorite ff of all time, as for Ultima Online I play that quite often now adays.
  16. i havent had time to get on to ffxi yet but i will soon....

    and yeah i played all of the ff games too from the first one ...on nes.....or snes i dont even remember now....

    my fav party for ff1 was ...

    2 fighters....


    white mage...

    my first party was named....


    but i think the storys in 7 and 8 kicked ass over the storys in the earlyer games....imo
  17. Oh ya, RPGs rule, and I dont care what anyone says, old school SNES rpgs were the best, are the best and always will be the best. FF6 is by far the greatest game ever made. All the Final Fantasys rule, also Breath Of Fire 1 and 2 kick ass as well. Plus the Lufias were great too. And Chrono Trigger, and Secret Of Mana, and Brianlord. And I still got my collection of SNES rpgs, took me a long time to find em, but it was worth it.

    As for the newer ones, like ps, FF7 was the best, 8 was ok...i didnt like that drawing out system tho, it would piss me off when fighting a boss that had a rare spell to just sit there and draw them out. 9 was pretty good.

    Also, I find that many of the secrets in the new ones are impossible to find without the cluebook...and I despise cluebooks. I picked up X recently but havent had the chance to play it yet, due to university takin up most of my time. Im lookin forward to it tho, Ive heard its a great game.

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