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  1. Alright, we'll I've been on a Benzo binge as of lately. Valium, KPins, Xanax, all that fun stuff.

    So I called my buddy and he didn't have any benzos left (or Suboxen) so I was basically shit out of luck.

    Then about an hour ago he calls me up and says he got some new benzo thing from a buddy, and that hes taken 2 of them before and doesn't remember what he did that day.

    The name of it is Rozerem.
    The pill has TAK Ram-8 printed on the pill, and it is small beige, and round.

    So far from what I've looked up its a sleeping pill, not a benzo. Its 8mg and is a substitute to Lunesta and Ambien.

    I'm wondering how fucked up I'll get off this. I'm going to sniff one in a second and let you know later, but has anyone ever heard of Rozerem, or taken it. I doubt the kid robbed me on purpose he's completly straight, so I think I'll get wrecked, but I really have no idea.

    Edit: Well I just sniffed a 8mg one and I feel, well fucked. Its like taking some Xanax, kinda a drunk feeling. Then again I'm not sure if its just placebo, but I doubt it. I got a bunch of them so I can't wait to some some buddah and drink a brew and just pass the fuck out lol.

    If anyone else has had an experiences with this post, I'm eager to know since there is nothing on Erowid about it (I heard it was a relativly new drug)

    Another Edit: These things suck. If you smoke on them or drink on them you will get fucked up and just pass out, alone they suck though. I took 3 in school, didn't feel shit, took one and blazed and felt nice, so depends on what you do on them I guess.

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