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Discussion in 'General' started by GNR, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Hey guys im back with another pill my doc prescribed. its called rozerm and its a sleeping pill i think smiler to ambien which i have used before.

    what i would like to know is has anyone taken it before as a drug? i looked on erowid and this site and couldnt find any solid information as to how much to take to get messed up etc. any input you have is fine or any experiences youve had/heard of with this. also i have the 8mg pills.
  2. meh one last try before i just take one to go to bed..... :wave:

  3. Bump..........
  4. "Tonight, i will be trying Rozerem on an empty stomach. all this drug does is rub the m1 and m 5 receptors to make melatonin... take it or leave it."

    "t said that it is the "first unscedualed sleep-aid and there is no abuse potational", or something like that. I could scan it if you want.

    It also says "ROZEREM was administerd in single doses up to 160 mg. in an abuse liability trial. No safty or tolerability concerns were seen."

    I couldn't find a single piece of information that indicated any sort of recreational potential for this drug. If you want to get messed up why not just buy some real recreational drugs instead of popping random prescription sleepaids?
  5. cause i can get these almost for free from my insurance.... and i dont want to get into pills like i am into weed. plus i really do take them to sleep but i could use weed instead if i wanted to take a few of them.
  6. tell your doc they dont work and you want to go back to ambien
  7. That would go back to the original reason why i got switched to this drug. he said all sleep aid drugs like ambian and lunesta in the long term can cause dependency and wont help my insomnia. this one is a brand new drug and works differently from the normal sleep aid pills. and evidently wont get me fucked up :(. but just for fun ill rack two of them sometime tomorrow and let you guys know how it turns out.
  8. Ask one of your buddys to be a guinea pig.Make bargans n shit.
    I had a guinea pig for dope.He had this group of a dozen and they
    all didnt trust me, but this one guy i knew from a while back did.
    One time i gave him mescolin and he got FUCKED!
  9. that's why they invented this drug bro.

    because they finally realized they were just fucking up people's lives more than they were already fucked to begin with.

    you can't get high on this. trust me. but what you can do it go to sleep.
  10. ok i took 2 and snorted 1 and it didnt do shit, so for all you pill fiends forget this one.

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