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Royksopp's mango & weed experiment (Updated w/ mine & other ppls results)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Royksopp, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. #1 Royksopp, Aug 9, 2010
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    Hi guys!!!! You ever heard about mangos being able to get you higher because of a chemical they have in them? Well, if you haven't now you know :) There has been a few threads about this but I wanted to take the time to try this for myself....and see if this is real or not. I'm kinda low on bud, a quarter of a gram of dank left (not much but I have a crappy tolerance and haven't picked up yet lol). Okay so for those of you interested, I will tell you my experience with this experiment and if it works maybe you guys should try it too ;) it ain't hard and what's there to lose? Mangoes are delicious anyways.

    So I go to my friends house earlier today and see that she has mangoes (she is Cuban and Cubans always either have a mango tree or know people with them). I ask her if I can take one with me and she says sure so immediately I knew what I wanted to try.

    I got home about 15 minutes ago and started eating the mango at 1:16am until about 1:25am (big mango lol). I've read some people say they ate it and waited 30 minutes before smoking in order to feel the affects. We shall see, I'm planning to light up soon. I hope it works, I don't have much weed left but either way since it's dank I'm sure it will get me high at least for a little bit.

    I will post and continue updating this thread (if I remember to lol) throughout the night with my experiment :)

    *additional info* I ate a small sandwich at around 10pm so my stomach is pretty empty for the most part except for the mango and some water.

    ** Feel free to post your own personal mango experiment in this thread if you'd like!! I'd love to see your results and I'm sure everyone else would too :D **

    If mangoes are hard for you to stomach or w/e, OSG posted a recipe so that you can still do the experiment :hello:

    Thanks OSG :wave:
  2. lmk how it goes
  3. 30 minutes is a bit short you should give it 45-60 before toking. It really does make a difference, for me at least.
  4. Interesting. I've always been curious about this weed/mango thing.
  5. it works for sure. me and 3 friends ate a mango each, waited 30 mins. and we shared a bowl in a bubbler between us all and we all got inanely high

  6. You think so? I was going to go at 1:55am but....if you suggest me waiting longer then..idk...2:10 is the new time then.
  7. i bet you're getting rather anxious by now :p
  8. I'm shaking in anticipation :eek:

    Not but really I always wondered if this worked:smoking:
  9. I know personally whenever I take something orally it always seems to hit me at the 45 minute mark but everyone is different so it might be shorter for you.
  10. tbh, i think its a placebo. How high you feel is really all in your mindset. if your in a "damn i wanna get ripped mood" your gonna get ripped. how can you really tell if you got higher or not? theres too many factors that could affect it. Ive had days where I'm just high after smoking, then the next day i smoke the same weed and am completely blazed.
  11. I got friends that are Nicaraguan and bring me mangos every month... never felt anything other than full after eating one haha
  12. It is most definitely not a placebo. their is a chemical found in ripe mangoes called myrcene that helps the cannabinoids cross the bloodbrain barrier at a faster rate. Thus increasing the high and making it slightly more intense.
  13. waiting in anticipation for the results :cool:
  14. if this is true, then it would only make the high come on faster... After a certain amount of THC enters the CB1s and CB2s, they become over-stimulated and shut down because they have been flooded with THC. They come back online after a brief period of abstinence.
  15. It would take more than one session to shut down your recepters.
  16. Your right it would take 3 1/2 sessions
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    well you mindset has an effect on everything. but this has science backing it up so it is not just a "placebo effect"

    i too have tried this and i definitely felt a big difference.

    and the timing is different with a variety of factors affecting it. for example if you ate recently it will take a longer time in order for the mango get digested and release the myrcene into your bloodstream. milk also slows digestion, which takes over an hour to even start getting digested.

    but i know that you are supposed to wait one hour after the consumption of the mango to smoke and you will get that real noticeable affect. that zing. similar to how you felt when you first got high and you were.. obliterated into another world.

    timing is important. you want to allow your body to digest the mango and release all the terpens, especially myrcene into you blood.

    you will go from :) to :D to :hello:
  18. Alright guys, I'm going to try this now.....will come back with results.
  19. I tried this but I smoked right after I ate them. I'm curious to see what happens.:yummy:
  20. I've done my own research, and mangoes WORK. You can do it other ways, but the chemical myrcene is insoluble in water, unfortunately, which means you cannot use some of the other plants that have it like lemon grass, which makes a good tea. Have to infuse it in alcohol or straight eat the plant.

    Mostly I just made this post to subscribe for the imminent lols

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