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royally screwed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xxsoonerxx, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. So I have a drug test in a few days (don't know the exact date), and I am scared shitless of failing. The last time I smoked was wednesday...and before than I had been smoking off and on for about a week, and before that week was smoking all day everday. I started taking niacin daily two days ago, but my heart sank as I heard this will not work. What I have heard that works is drinking bleach. But not a capful, just sticking a small wadded up ball in a cap of bleach, letting it absorb it and swallowing it and then chugging hella water. I am worried about this as I heard it causes stomach ulsers, I really don't know what to do, but mainly I have been drinking a lot of water and niacin. I put myself in this situation and I feel stupid, I really don't know what to do.

    Should I try to get a clean friend to piss for me? I don't know the exact date so I would pretty much have to have him piss for me every morning right? Because after 18 hours the deteriation can cause suspicion, I have pretty much heard it all when it comes to passing a DT, but I am skeptical on a lot of things.

    Anyone have help?
    Oh and for the record I used search multiple times before posting so yeah I did my research :D
  2. Jello powder :hello:
  3. i really cant see eating bleach as a safe option.... and i would advise against it
  4. lots a cranberry juice!
  5. I was also thinking about that, but I don't know the exact day and won't know, it will be any morning within the next week probably next mon-wed. I heard this only keeps you clean for so long also..

    And to the bleach reference, I know, I heard it causes ulcers and I really don't like the idea of putting fucking bleach in my body lol, but I REALLY need to pass this test.
  6. Please don't drink bleach, it won't work.

    Although swallowing your own jizz will....

    ...just kidding. Sweating it out has worked for lots of friends of mine in the past, maybe it's just coincidence though.
  7. My friend smoked all summer long and stopped smoking 5 days before the test and did the bleach thing and passed haha, but I am not gonna side with that one, because everyone is different, alot of factors could have played a role ya'know?
  8. Dont drink bleach.

    I can't believe I actually just said that with serious intentions, however, don't. It wont work, and any passing as result will be purely coincidental.
  9. i would drink alot of cranberry juice and i mean alot...unless u get tested for high cranberry juice intake then your screwed
  10. Hey man listen up here is what you need to do. I passed a drug test in three days

    Drink fluids constantly as thc cycles through your fat cells. KEY WORD CYLCES. If you continue to drink fluids you will lesson the chance as you are tempting to flush the thc out of your body. *THIS IS IN SIMPLE TERMS*- You dont need to drink cranberry juice or any other flavored drink. I would drink something with a lot of vitimins encouraging the body to cycle unneccesary vitimins , thus causing you to piss more. Take a multivitimin, and continue to drink consistantly causing you to piss a lot.

    Now second go to a health food store, or a gnc ect ect, and get a natural flush drink. They aren't that expensive if you go to a health food store, i.e - 10-20 bucks. IF you go to gnc you are going to pay a little more, upwards of 40. I used a basic herbal flush drink two days before I was drug tested, ( as I knew it was comming but didn't know when)

    Please act confident at all times. You can do this. The key is to flush your body naturally. and the fact is that in an average weight person THC can usually be cycled out of your system in 1-2 weeks. ( that means if you did nothing within 7-14 days your probly all set. * THIS BEEN STATED BY MANY DR's. and y

    The problem-
    As you stated you were a chronic marijuana user, thus thc could be in your fat cells already from your daily use. This makes the flushing problem a little harder, but it is still very possible that if you do as I said you really will be all set!

    Please drink fluids, look for a lot of vitimins, even take one, and GET A HERBAL FLUSH!

    I hope this is helpfull, and please let me know how everything works out!

  11. Thanks for the info man, will definitely be looking into it. I am still tripping balls tho...Does anyone know if Niacin works? I have heard it does, and I have heard it doesn't.
  12. Taking overdose levels of aspirin worked for me when I got DT'ed in July
  13. dont OD on asprin. do what frontn24 said. i am confident that you can flush it out using this method since you havent smoked too heavily in a week or so

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