Royal Jelly as a nute?

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  1. My family is big on this kind of thing for us humans and I was wondering what good it would do plants.

    Royal Jelly is essentially what worker bees feed the queen bee of a hive, in the form of secretions from glands. As a human supplement, royal jelly is simply good shit, the "chuck norris" of organic supplements.

    I've been able to find only one source of information on the subject of using it as
    a plant nutrient. Luckily enough, it is a scientific study:

    Granted, the plant the study was done on was "cucumber cultivars" but the results were very interesting:

    *Sex ratios (female to male) increased (more females) due to a sex hormone in RJ that encourages the growth of female flowers.

    *Larger/heavier 'fruit' (buds of course)

    *Greater yield (in terms of more fruit per plant)

    *Stronger vegetative growth and overall plant health.

    What is in it:

    48.2% proteins/37.8% carbohydrates/10.4%lipids/2%ash
    also "rich in":
    vitamins b1,b2,b5,b6,b8,b8 and C/17 amino acids/potassium,magnesium,calcium,iron,phosphorus,sulfur,manganese,and silicon.

    It IS a scientific study with all kinds of technical and statistical data that I couldn't hope to understand much less comprehend, but the intro and conclusion of the study are very very clear: it highly recommends foliar feeding rj.

    Anyone use it or have any idea of what it would do? Comments, questions, any serious response please. :D
  2. Well the study suggests using royal jelly as a foliar spray at 8% concentration. The results looked promising to me =p. It would be worth a shot since you really couldn't do much harm to your plants at all. I may have to pick some up before I start my grow lol

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